TNA show at Aberdeen.

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  3. My estimate is there was less than 2500 people present at the show.
  4. less than 100*
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  5. Surely this cost them more in moving the ring/personnel/wrestlers than they actually took on the gate+merchandise? :damn:
  6. This is what you get with TNA. Test werent you the one stating they have almost literally no PR running aorund to sell tickets? I know I saw the show where a random billboard was the only sign TNA was even there.

    Also why a day show? That field would have been just awesome lit up at night. Fuck me, get the radio to plug you are selling 5$ tickets or some shit ffs.

    Showstopper weak thread dude.
  7. why in the fugg would you sit up there with all those seats available? Grounds crew on break is my only guess.
  8. Idk maybe he's not too social.
  9. you could be antisocial and find a seat much closer to the ring.

    Also Washington blows ass, 10$ said half the idiots there were doing yes chants inbetween matches.
  10. CM Punk chants most likely
  11. Those awkward moments when former Wrestlemania 23 winners like Kennedy and Lashley are in front of such crowds.
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  12. Dixie for the love of god close down TNA its over the company is dead just look at the show nobody is there
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  13. Why don't TNA either promote it so they can get good crowds and not be a laughing stock or simply not do these house shows which clearly aren't working and just focus money on Impact and PPVs?
  14. What you got against the great state of MD faggot
  15. Too embarrassed to be seen at a TNA event
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  16. I still told the truth, didn't I?

    I was joking. Of course, rare ones got it judging by certain things lol.
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  17. [​IMG] You.
    That guy? Why do people who blatantly despise TNA come in this section?
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  18. It sucks to see shit like this because of all the talent, but the TNA execs deserve it.
  19. That has to be embarrassing for the wrestlers, lol.
  20. I think rare ones care about it, tbh. Some certainly do, no question. But as long as the money is coming in right and on time, most of them don't really care.