News TNA Signs a Former Gutcheck Participant

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    TNA signed former Gutcheck participant Evan Markopoulus to a developmental deal.​
    Evan made his debut for the promotion in a pre-show dark match prior to the OVW TV Taping. He fought wrestler Dylan Bostic in a losing effort.​
    - TNAInsider​

  2. Rainman

    What did you, think it was Brian Cage or Ivelisse Veleze? :george:

  3. Wait, they gave Evan M. 2 yes's and didn't even give him a contract? :lol1: Holy shit, Gut Check. You're such a farce.

    And jokes on you, my teflon friend. We know what's coming, and it'll be glorious. :yay:
  4. They gave him two NO's, what the hell man?
  5. There are a ton of gut check participants that can be signed at this state in TNA, Big O is one they need the most
  6. That guy is a chump, glad he didn't get signed. What a disaster it would be.
  7. Seem to remember he got 2 yes's, but by that time GutCheck was done, so I'll trust your judgement on this one.

  8. :joeyryan:
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  9. And people think TNA is headed down a slippery slope. This fixes everything.
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  10. Yeah because its not like Brian Cage has the same build and tons more skill :pity1:
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  11. He's that 18-year old guy isn't he? Yeah I remember him, doesn't look expensive.
  12. He is really athletic, but I don't se much charisma in him, so I'd put a mask on him when he's ready for a TNA debut down the line. He could fit a high-flying style in TNA, and be a replacement to Perkins/Manik when he gets stale.
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