News TNA signs a guy...who's already a champion...

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  1. TJ wasn't already under TNA contract?
  2. It was Manik. They probably want to get rid of the costume...
  3. I know that TJP was Manik. I'm not stupid. I'm just surprised they've had the guy around since June/Late May, built him up a fair bit in teh X-division as Manik/suicide and put the title on him only to just now sign him to a contract. If you see a guy you want to put the belt on you would logically sign him to a contract before putting said belt on him.
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  4. He was under pay-per-appearance deal. This is full time.

    Cases like this... It's been done before in TNA, especially in the X Division.
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  5. I know you aren't stupid, just said who the guy is for those casuals who don't watch TNA and may come here asking "who the fuck is TJP? Is he Champion already?" Well, nvm. Investigating a bit, the news is that TNA has offered TJP a full time contract according to TNA insider.
  6. Well, very good to hear if it is a full time contract then.
  7. Glad to see him get a full time contract,he's definitely earned it.
  8. This guy can actually be marketable without the costume. But seeing how his Manik gimmick is over, he better stick to it for now.
  9. Didn't they say Perkins was Manik a few months back?
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