TNA Signs New 5 Year Deal with Spike TV, According to Eric Young

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. In an interview with Busted Open Radio, TNA Wrestler Eric Young claimed that TNA just recently signed a new five-year deal with Spike TV. Young stated:

    "It’s (TNA) been around for ten years. They just signed a big deal with Spike television for another five years. It’s usually the highest rated show on Spike television every week..."
  2. Good news then yeah? I thought Spike was unhappy at the numbers? or is that an IWC myth?
  3. Spike TV? fuuuuuuck.........

    I know TNA ratings aren't great but a long term deal renewal with Spike TV says nothing but mediocrity and shows a lack of ambition to move up in the World.
  4. Thats awesome for me, I get all their shows and PPVs free
  5. eww. fuck Spike. better than not being on TV though I guess
  6. Damn it all. :sad1: Stupid Spike and stupid Rogers.
  7. :annoyed:Why. Every show on Spike normally gets low ratings. Good move for Spike, at least TNA stays somewhere.
  8. Give wrestling is considered to be on a down turn its better to be secure than disposable on a bigger network.
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  9. Good for Spike, not so good for TNA it seems like? Ah well, happy they'll be on my TV for five more years, so I won't complain.
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  10. I don't live in America but as I know Spike TV isn't a good channel, so TNA should have not sign that but that's TNA just being TNA.

  11. Why do you hate TNA so much? Your hero Christian had by far the best run of his career in TNA but all you ever do is shit on them.
  12. Because every channel out there wants pro wrestling on their programming, right? Get real.

    Spike isn't much, but at least they're good partners money wise, and they are still the national TV, regardless of their shittyness.
  13. I don't hate TNA. I love TNA far more than WWE but I just don't like TNA board of directors. Some moves they make is just too stupid.

  14. Meh. I don't think Spike is a great channel but as far as realistic options go it is an OK choice, and they have been good to TNA. Hopefully one day TNA will outgrow Spike, but he certainly hasn't happened yet.
  15. Well as I said, I don't know much, actually nothing, about TV channels in USA but what Testify said is right. I get it now.
  16. That's cool. Didn't mean to lash out at you or paint you as an anti-TNA guy. The 'TNA being TNA' line made me think you were trying to shit on them.
  17. Once again, Eric Young is claiming that TNA has signed a massive 5-Year TV Deal with Spike. Young was on Stone Cold's Podcast and reiterated the claim. You can hear it for yourself around the 58 minute mark.
  18. Just out of shrewd business sense you'd think many channels will pick up a show that has a die-hard fanbase of 1 million + viewers every week, wouldn't they?
    Granted despite Linda's best efforts to change everything, "pro wrestling" is still a dirty word thanks to what happened 15 years ago.

    Agree with Seabs and Nazi. They're safe on our televisions, that's all we care about. Well except Senhor, apparently living in Canada disadvantages after all. Who knew?
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