News TNA signs with Destination America

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Nov 19, 2014.

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  1. Right in between History of Bacon and Amish Hauntings, daddy!

    Seriously. Good for TNA on finding a new TV home. Hopefully they will be able to work on what is to be assumed a significantly smaller budget since Destination America is not a big network at all compared to Spike.

    And somehow wrestling is the least silly thing to air on this network. Destination America includes shows like history of bacon/burgers/pork/BBQ and Amish Hauntings.
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  2. It's better than nothing, I guess.

    I'm just glad they won't be closing the doors.
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  3. Never heard of that channel. Should probably find a channel to air in Canada.
  4. Thats great
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  5. I mean, it's something. New TV deal for 2015... but I hope it will allow for TNA to keep most of their wrestlers, keep most of their budget and really thrive.

    Too bad it's not a bigger channel though, like WGN or ION. At least they're not airing bacon and ghost shows.
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    you'll have to assume there is some budget cuts, considering how much of TNA that spike funded. Not sure how much money Panda are willing to throw on TNA now considering they have never been that willing to just throw money at them to start.

    Question is how big will the budget cuts be, and how will TNA handle them?
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  7. History of bacon narrated by Crayo
  9. Seriously lol'd. Such a random channel for a wrestling show.
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  10. I assume that recent episodes, with no titantron, 400 people watching and pretty much 2% lightning is with Spike giving TNA minimal funds for these shows. Hopefully their shows now will pretty much have more people (almost guaranteed if they finally market their shows to local areas before filming), a decently sized titantron instead of those weird ass spotlights and some more better lighting.

    Oh, and can Destination America get more shows that aren't about Bacon, rednecks and vampire ghosts? :blackshock:
  11. Destination America from what I can gather is a low tier channel in the Discovery family. I honestly think TNA will be their only "original" show. Everything else is re-runs of shows cycled out of the bigger channels in the Discovery family.

    Also, TNA, market? What is this?
  12. Is Velocity bigger than Destination America? I heard they were also a big frontrunner and I think they're on more US TVs, which would be a better deal and probably with higher tier Discovery shows then. Kinda sucks.

    I think TNA suffer from Nintendo syndrome when it comes to marketing.
  13. Sounds like Challenge, recycled game shows airing with TNA being their only original show.
  14. Velocity is a bigger channel.

    DA is only available in 52% of the united states if I got the numbers right as well.

    So this is a step down for TNA, but they have a TV home.

    This smells of Dixie thinking TNA was worth more than it is and holding out for two long. They could have been on Velocity, ION or another network but probably didn't want what they were offering money wise
  15. His follow up program is the history of Cornish Pasties on the CORNWALL NETWORK DAMMIT!
  16. True, true. At least Destination America's redneck shows kinda fit in with this Redneck Revolution led by Storm... :adr:

    In all seriousness, I'd say that this could mean more TNA shows on their channel, just like how Challenge really wanted British Bootcamp.
  17. Mmm, I think that number is true - massive step down from Spike. But could mean they're valued "more" at Destination America.

    I'd have taken ION, judging by their TV count (think it's pretty near Spike's) or heck, even Velocity a month ago.
  18. So technically TNA is out of buildness in Canada. Gohan is still right. :pipebomb:
  19. Well....."Destination America" Certainly wouldn't be TNAs primary choice of "destination" I'm sure. But it's better than nothing I suppose, one can only imagine how TNA will adjust to the decreased funds.
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