GFW TNA signs with POP TV

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by CFCrusader, Nov 19, 2015.

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    TNA is now on POP TV, which is available in around 75 million households in America in a time slot of 9 PM EST on Tuesdays. The first ever episode will be live, on January 5th, and then they will tape episodes to air every Tuesday. Definitely a step above D-A, IMO. Quite exciting. Thoughts?
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  2. Good for them. Hope they can POP their ratings.
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  3. I should laugh because this means they are most likely back to paying for being on TV.

    But they've got a TV home now I guess, even if it is the old TV guide network.
  4. Rumour is that they pay for their slot and recoup via advertising but didn't advertising put wrestling in general on a no-advertise list?

    Hopefully POP will be paying TNA a good amount. I want for TNA to go ahead and sign more wrestlers next year... Especially with Angle set to depart.
  5. Pop ain't paying them anything. TNA pays POP. Judging by the other wrestling promotion that airs on POP that's how POP cuts deals.

    Every show on POP is paying for a slot and hoping that advertising makes them profit apparently. So I guess it is do or die for TNA. Their existence will rely on them getting advertising.
  6. TBF Paragon Pro Wrestling is like a small indie while TNA's a national TV show that was in talks with WGN America.

    Really, POP charges people to air their shows on their channel? Huh...
  7. TNA's talks with WGN was most likely smoke and mirrors. If they were in talks with WGN, who would have offered them money (granted most likely a small amount of money) compared to paying money to air on POP, why would you sign with POP?

    POP are in more homes than DA, but that's because it is the TV guide channel. That's literally what it is, the TV guide under a new name.

    Former TNA star MVP, who has some knowledge of how TNA office works. Brought us this calculation on twitter.

    Spike = $$$
    POP= -$

    POP is most likely a good home on TV, if you can draw in the money you spend to air there on advertising, TNA has a history of not doing well on that front.
  8. Well I guess I was wrong, TNA lives! They need major help in management though if they don't want to fuck up TV deal 3. That was actually the first time I predicted TNA's death with DA.
  9. Because WGN America will only offer them the TV deal if they sign in the summer, like last time when they were in talks just before they signed with Destination America.

    Also what do you mean by TV Guide Channel? I mean, in the UK, I don't think we have one of those - we'll just look on the general TV guide for shows, not an actual channel?

    Hmm... If wrestling in general has been given a Do Not Advertise by most advertising firms, then how do TNA get the money in... :/ I don't know what adverts were shown when they were in Destination America but I assume it was the redneck kind.
  10. The TV Guide channel was a channel owned by the American TV guide magazine ( you know that extra newspaper you could buy that had all the tv lineups) where they ran the tv lineups, a lot of infomercials and reruns of shows that bought slots. Pop is that channel rebranded and with more of an entertainment focus. But from all I can find, you still have to pay to get your show on it.

    And it is not so much that wrestling itself is a no go for advertisers, but the TNA brand it seems. WWE still gets advertisers and sponsors. And ROH has had a ton of advertisers and sponsors, all from dating hotlines to athletic brazes to prostate exam infomercials.

    It's more like if you are wrestling and not the WWE. You can still get advertisers, but you cannot be as picky
  11. Should have gone with WGN.
  12. Ohh okay. Looks like right now they still only air reruns and movies. Plus PPW but that's early in the morning.

    Those ROH adverts sound boss. Don't they sometimes have their own wrestlers in them? That's what I've heard a few times anyways (probably a joke though).

    Oh and Drew Galloway is on the promo pic for the POP announcement, looks like they might be pushing him as one of their big stars.
  13. There's almost always a ROH star involved in the ads, or at least in a intro to it "stay tuned for this message from the health alert hotline".

    And Galloway has been intended as a big push star since he came in. Yet somehow he only picked up two clean wins in his first 6 months with the company
  14. I... have no idea about what PopTV is. If like the old TV Guide channel it's available with lesser cable packages, great news for Impact. The channel itself would be a much bigger draw that would attract a wider array of advertisers.

    Still doesn't solve the question of "who's going to watch?" unfortunately. What can TNA do to get any of us back on board?
  15. About five years of solid booking and storyline development. That seems to be the case outside of rare instances for downbeaten wrestling promotions to get back on their feet.
  16. Even then, though... Just seems like now more than ever, they need to try to find some way to stand out. And "TNA trying to stand out" usually doesn't end well.

    Weird to be the one burying TNA in a thread, but imo, much of what's hurt TNA recently has been how much the other promotions have gotten stronger here in the states. Lucha Underground was the talk of wrestling fans for most of the year. ROH had a lot of upward momentum and New Japan's kept rolling on, as NXT's had as steady as years get. It seems like, as they would try to repair and resuscitate their image, they'd be left with plenty of catching up to do as they compete in the "indies".

    A lot could change in five years, but if TNA establishes itself as a place to run to find logical booking in 2016, that's already what we watch NXT for. Right now they're delivering exciting in-ring action, but ROH/NJPW have such long reputations of being the go-to companies for quality wrestling on top of WWE arguably having their best roster ever of ring generals, it only goes so far. It's not a place to go for star power, they've never truly booked that way despite Dixie's love of bringing in big names, and if they want to try to create a way to truly innovate the business, get in line behind Lucha Underground.
  17. TNA need to get back to feuds with the quality of EC3 vs Spud, they need to promote their big title matches and get a few more wrestlers in for their X-Division and Tag Team divisions.

    Heck, I'd like to see Roode do a KOTM Open Challenge on Pop. Instead of giving away free World Title matches (and putting them on PPV), they can have Roode come out every week/month and fight someone, possibly elevating them and the title (especially if he pulls off a classic with someone like Mandrews) but they need to make sure they're pulling big crowds. I assume that the India tapings will take them through December and then the live January 5th show will be apart of a whole new block of tapings (more announced next week according to Dixie). I'd like to see them do it in NYC or Texas, to be honest. Oh and expand to 4 PPVs this year. Lockdown, Slammiversary, Destination X and Bound for Glory.
  18. Nobody knew what Destination America was anyway, what can they do? I say they opt out with this World Title Series and these old tapings and just wait to go back on air for January, like it's only for the best maybe they spend a month of tv and regroup management to redo everything.
  19. i have stopped getting excited with these changes. never seems to make an impact. see what i did there?
  20. IMO, the World Title series has been very good so far. Some good wrestling in the group stages, everyone getting a chance (except for Drake, Crimson and Micah apparently). It's highlighted TNA's short roster but it's worked well. I'd say the India tapings will make the round of 16 look excellent with a hot crowd.

    I thought they did quite well at the start of the Destination America era. Their crowds in NYC didn't look great, partly due to lighting, but they did a good job of getting big matches out there with a bigger emphasis on World Title fights and fixed their posters. It felt fresh and we got a MOTYC in Spud vs EC3, but I felt as if it fell apart when they kept losing talent and D-A opted out. Pop look like they will want to stick around with TNA for a while so I expect for TNA to get a few more stars in and hopefully their first set of tapings will be with a hot crowd, then the UK tour will undoubtedly make TNA look good.
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