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    JUNE 15th

    LIVE on PPV

    TNA WRESTLING celebrates its 12 year anniversary



    WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Eric Young defends in a Three Way Cage Match

    #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Bobby Lashley to face Samoa Joe

    #2 CONTENDERS MATCH: Austin Aries tangles with Kenny King

    TEXAS DEATH MATCH: EC3 faces Bully Ray

    GRUDGE MATCH: James Storm squares off against Mr. Anderson

    SINGLES MATCH: Willow (w/ Abyss) battles Magnus (w/ Bram)


    KNOCKOUTS TITLE: Angelina Love defends against Gail Kim

    The Von Erich Family to appear (Kevin alongside Ross and Marshall)

    Kurt Angle to announce the next Hall of Famer


  2. The PPV needs an X-Division match and a Tag Team titles match. Heck, I'd do Aries and Joe vs Lashley and King, Bro-Mans vs Menagerie, The Wolves vs *insert new tag team here* and Sanada vs Manik to go with the two matches above and Storm vs Anderson.
  3. MVP you better fuckin deliver in your first big singles match, you fill me my nigga?
  4. Fill you with what? :shock:

    Seriously though, I'm not worried about whether MVP can do it, he's in good shape. It'll probably be a decent singles match or end up being match of the night.
  5. Two years ago in 2012, TNA held the Slammiversary X PPV in the same town, in the same arena.

    At that time, the PPV had a record-breaking attendance for TNA in the USA, with estimated numbers 5500-6000 fans in the arena (new TNA record in the USA is 7000 for Lockdown 2013 in San Antonio).



    I think the attendance for this show will truly show if TNA has fallen down so much. Nearly 6000 fans for a PPV in 2012, but how much for a PPV in 2014 in the same town and same arena?

    I hope the difference won't be drastic, hoping maybe 4500 people show up? That'd be goddamn swell for TNA considering everything.

    If you take a look at card for 2012 and a most probable card for this year's show, you can see SO MUCH has changed since then.

    We'll see how this goes. I hope the crowd will be fantastic and loud as fuck just like 2 yrs ago, they were epic back then.
  6. I can't remember much of Slammiversary 2012, although I can recall Aries vs Joe - what a stellar match that was. It shows how badly TNA need to get their act together and sort out their roster... that midcard, while not great, was pretty good for the PPV and with talents like The Wolves now in the roster, TNA really should be working on strengthening their entire midcard. I think that once their midcard is sorted, the world title scene is a no-brainer, you could just throw Roode and Aries together and the hype would be off the charts. I wish TNA was more like the one at the start of the year; full of hope, the UK tour had begun and we were getting tons of new guys in. Magnus was going to be champ, looked like TNA could be solidify their position as #2 in the USA.
  7. Slammy 2012 was a fucking dope PPV, two MOTYCs in Aries/Joe and Styles & Angle/Daniels & Kazarian (duh!) and a plenty of fun and good matches in the undercard and midcard with Crimson's streak being broken by then hot James Storm, Tessmacher winning the KO title for the 1st time in her homestate in a special moment, Kash and Hernandez having a helluva good brawl, and Devon getting the biggest pop of the night (bigger than Hogan and Sting) and pulling a decent tag match out of three scrubs. Bully Ray/Joseph Park was one of the funniest matches back then to see, and surprisingly the RVD/Hardy/Anderson delivered a helluva #1 conteders match. Main event overall was satisfying as well, IMHO, as Roode got his win over Sting, and yet they had Sting get a revenge post match to send crowd home happy. TNA also introduced the Hall of Fame at the show, as Christian Cage, then WWE IC champ (yes), introduced Sting to the HoF.

    One of my favorite TNA shows ever with so many good stuff happening, show being buzzy and newsworthy, new attendance record being set, two MOTY candidates, crowd being fantastic and loud as fuck, DEVON outpoping Hogan & Sting, future looking very bright then for TNA etc etc. Personally a 9/10 show.

    Wish this year's Slammiversary will be at least a 6.5/10
  8. Wow, I really cannot remember most of the PPV which is a shame. Parts of Kash and Hernandez are coming back to me, I enjoyed it. Bully Ray vs Joseph Park as well, I did not see their storylines afterwards coming, haha. Oh, and the HoF was crazy - the buzz around Christian returning for that one night. I want to see more PPVs as good as that...
  9. Austin Aries better be on this bloody card. An bah god we need a different tag title match instead of Bromans vs Wolves. Theres a lot of work to do to build this up to a worthy event imo. Hell with Kenny King and Lashley now being MVP's lackeys I'd be down for them getting a tag title shot if it keeps The Menagerie away lol.
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  10. Well, MVP's crew did kill Davey Richards so I guess they'll be in line for a title shot.
  11. I'm thinking The Wolves (c) vs Lashley and King vs Aries and Joe.
  12. Could be. I'd want Aries to be up in the main event but that's not gonna happen instantly so a tag titles shot wouldn't hurt.
  13. I'm pretty stoked for EC3 vs Bully Ray; I'm a big EC3 guy and have been a huge fan of Bully Ray before (still a fan just not so much, I like him with Devon better but he's still cool in my book :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)
  14. I can see Aries winning the X-Division title in time for Destination X or possibly him at BFG but I guess this is as good as it'll get for him until TNA sort their shit out.
  15. I really want Sanada to have the ability to use the Option C clause before the X-Division Title goes elsewhere.
  16. That would be pretty cool to see, too.
  17. The nearly-full matchcard IMO, judging by the ongoing storylines:

    * Eric Young vs. MVP for the World Title
    * Bully Ray vs. EC3
    * Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm
    * Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love for the Knockouts Title
    * Magnus & Bram vs. Willow & ??? (or Magnus vs. Bram maybe? hell no yet)
    * Sanada vs. ??? (open challenge perhaps?) for the X Title
    * Wolves vs. ??? (maybe King & Lashley?) for the Tag Titles
    * Menagerie vs. ??? (they will have some sort of a match for sure, Bromans and Zema maybe?)

    MIA from others atm are Roode (kayfab suspended), Aries (battling MVP and co.), Joe (fuck him), Tigre Uno (didn't take advantage of multiple title shots against Sanada), Abyss (hopefully he is in some abyss), Gunner and Samuel Shaw (you know the shit is on between them).
  18. I'd say Magnus & Bram vs Willow & Abyss. It would make sense, as Abyss is pissed at Magnus for all of their shenanigans before EY won the world title. Sanada vs Low-Ki? No, too early. I want to see Sanada vs Manik. Wolves vs King and Lashley would make sense. Menagerie vs Bro-Mans (including DJ Z). Roode will probably be involved in the World Title match in some way, Aries and Joe could be in the Tag Team match as the 3rd team, Tigre Uno should not get another title shot so soon after he's failed multiple times and Gunner and Shaw should probably not be on the card yet.
  19. Only interesting things to me are Young vs MVP and Bully Ray vs Dixie. Yeah, that's right. Not Bully Ray vs EC3. It's Bully Ray vs Dixie. Match is gonna be bad anyway.
  20. Austin Aries absolutely needs to get on this card.
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