Spoiler TNA Spoilers: 10/31/13

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  1. TNA taped the October 31st edition of TNA Impact Wrestling Thursday night in Salt Lake City. Here are full TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers.

    TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers

    * Dixie Carter announces a tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion after running down AJ Styles for leaving the company with the title. The tournament will begin next week. She brings the participants to the stage – Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Kurt Angle, James Storm, Chris Sabin and Bobby Roode.

    * Gail Kim defeated ODB.

    * Ethan Carter III defeated a local jobber

    * Magnus won an over-the-top gauntlet match by eliminating Sting. Sting was shocked and they had a staredown after the match.

    * Jesse Godderz and Robbie E defeated Gunner and James Storm

    * Bobby Roode defeated Kurt Angle by count out in the main event. Angle came down off the top rope, never regained consciousness and had to be taken away. This was similar to their finish at Bound For Glory.

    Source: Pwmania
  2. Small gripe here but a gripe non the less. So you have a brand new X-division champion and logic dictates that after your biggest PPV of the year you would be looking to restart the X-division, why put your champion in the running for another belt instead of focusing on defending the one he already has?
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  3. Sounds like it's pretty exciting!
  4. Simple explanation. 7 out 8 man in the tournament are all former World Heavyweight Champions, expect Magnus, who had to win his way into the tournament. Which is exactly why I predict Magnus to go into finals of the tournament, and myabe even winning the title.

    Sabin will probably meet Hardy in the tournament, shenanigans involved, and your next X Title match/feud is Sabin vs. Hardy. Also remeber the Ult X finish with those two, it'd make perfect sense.
  5. Will probably just watch the opener and main event.
  6. I also see Magnus winning. But you can still make a better pic than Sabin for a former champ to take part in the tournament. Hell, use Sting or Anderson, both former champions and just like with your supposed Sabin v Hardy scenario you can easily tie in other feuds into them taking part and their respective eliminations. Having a singles belt holder competing for another belt is a bit cheap in my opinion. Would have been a complete different situation if Sabin held a belt for another company but he doesn't.
  7. Anderson wouldn't make sense. Dixie said he's unauthorized to be in TNA right now, so he's off. Sting is banned from title shots.

    Sabin is the right choice, in my opinion.
  8. Wasn't the Sting stip just as long as Bully was champ?

    Hell, add Bully instead of Sabin and have Anderson cost him his spot, seems like a money set up to continue their rivalry.
    If Sabin didn't hold a belt I'd be all for him competing in it. But if you hold a belt your main duty both in and out of kayfabe should be to present the belt and defend it to build its importance on the card, not chase after another one. You don't see the Del Rio competing for the WWE belt at the same time as he is holding the WHC, nor Nakamura competing for the IWGP heavyweight strap when he is holding the IWGP IC belt. The moment you are a champion you stop hunting and become hunted.
  9. No, it's forever, thank fuck. Though, cant see why he was in the Gauntlet Qualifier along with talents like Magnus and Kaz, and all others who weren't WHC before. Wierd, but probably to continue Magnus-Sting feud.
  10. INB4 Sting costs Magnus in the final of the tournament.
  11. Does that mean another Sting match? In a t-shirt? With poor looking SD Locks?

    I'm all for it... NOT

  12. Sting overcomes the odds and wins the world title despite not having any more shots. Then Angle overcomes the odds (insert with a broken fricking neck) and somehow pins Sting despite not being involved at all. Promptly passes out.
  13. You're bad overbooker. Smh.

    Speaking of Angle and Sting, and the new characters getting a push - ECIII and Lei'd Tappa, plus Angle and Sting both jobbed cleanly at BFG to Roode and Magnus respectively, then Bully Ray loses the title to AJ Styles, do you feel like we witnessed the generation switch, so to speak?

    New players being Roode, Magnus, ECIII along with old crew of AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, maybe James Storm and Jeff Hardy.

    Hogan & Eric are gone too. The times they are a changin'... as the song says.
  14. Roode went over cleanly? That finish was pretty protective, it took Angle taking himself out for Roode to pin him.

    I'm all for a generation shift, but I don't think that finish was clean.
  15. Roode didn't use anything illegal nor any other illegal activities to score that pinfall, so yeah, he went over cleanly.
  16. Sure it wasn't dirty, but it wasn't fully clean either. A clean win is when wrestler A pins wrestler B by their own athletic ability. Wrestler B being taken out by injury, sickness or some other non typical fashion (Angleslam on Sunday knocking Angle out, Triuple H getting a concussion from Axel) is still a protected finish and somewhat murky. Roode went over semi-clean.
  17. It doesn't look like a great show imo. But in the paper is for sure really different than how it'll be watching it live. Nice matches and nice results.
  18. Here's why Bully isn't in the tournament, a copy/past from another spoiler report...

    "Bully Ray and Brooke came out to boos to argue that he isn't in the tournament. Dixie yelled at Bully that he failed to beat A.J. Styles twice, once at BFG, and once "last week."

    Sounds right, eh?
  19. Sounds good that they at least explained why Bully isn't in it.
  20. Dixie again in the show? Damn, the segment would be perfect if they turned someone heel (I.E. Sting) and making him Impact's GM... Then instead of Dixie appearing, we'd have an entertaining man yelling at Bully.
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