TNA Star Lands Movie Role

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  1. Hernandez is penciled in to play a role in a horror movie currently titled "Slash". The film is written, produced, and directed by Rycke Foreman. Slash stars Shawn Hernandez and Maria Olsen (who served as producer to Paranormal Activity 3). The movie is expected to begin production this summer. Slash is expected to be released sometime in 2014.

  2. I guess he'll be wrestling in the movie......hehehe....that's pretty scary....hehehe :jeritroll:
  3. Naw he'll be cutting promos. Even Chuck Norris will have to check his closet to see if Hernandez is there with a mic after he's done with the movie.
  4. Hoped for Magnus, that guy has star potential and this would have been a nice launch pad for him.
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  5. Hopefully he doesn't botch/injure someone while acting, for fucks sake.
  6. We should all see this movie then the directors will think he's a big draw and fly him off to Hollywood.
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  7. I see where you're coming from and I like it. :jeritroll:
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