News TNA Still Trying To Sign A Top Tag Team

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    Yeah, good luck with that, TNA.
  2. Would they still be able to work NJPW if they signed with TNA? I don't think so, it'd be more logical if they signed with ROH I think.
  3. Nope. There's heat between tna and njpw
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  4. Signing with TNA is pretty cancerous at this point.
  5. Assumed so. Does make sense given their former relationship

    I think it would be a big step up for some less known indy guys, but for someone like the Bucks it'd be pretty stupid, yeah.
  6. Young Bucks vs The Wolves at Slammiversary/BFG would be amazing. Throw in The Hardys and wow, that would be so good...

    Also, I heard that TNA are hoping to get an AAA guy some time soon, hopefully it's El Patron. Him fighting Angle would be a great match. Cross Armbreaker vs Angle Lock.
  7. El Patron ain't coming to TNA, that's for sure and neither are The Bucks. The last time they had negotiations, they had wanted Alberto exclusively for/in TNA.

    And seeing as how he gets to shine in ROH, LUG and AAA, there's no reason for him to sign a deal with a dying company (same thing could be said for The Young Bucks).
  8. Young Bucks vs Wolves would be fucking awful. Mainly because of Davey Richards but it's not a match I've liked before and not a match I'd look forward to.

    But the bucks aren't going to TNA. Would be a major step down for them.
  9. They had matches in ROH and it was nothing special.
  10. TNA already had them in the company and they botched it TNA-style.
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  11. Got to agree with general concensus around here, Young Bucks are doing incredibly well and definitely don't need TNA.
  12. Meltzer has confirmed that the Bucks turned TNA down
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  13. I completely don't blame them after their previous time in TNA coupled with their current work with the Bullet Club. "Generation Me!" Lord, I hated that.
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  14. Ha! Have fun with that TNA *drinks beer laughing*
  15. Yeah, they were wasted big time in there.

    It was mainly their series with MCMG that turned me onto Impact in the first place, but it's like that's all they wanted to have planned for them. To Russo they were the Christopher Daniels to the Guns' AJ Styles, before they did a pointless breakup angle to beef up the X-Division... which led to the brilliant idea of having the X-Division feuding with Bischoff which led to... Gen Me as part of the same group. Awesome. Then after jobbing to Eric Young they asked for their release... now they're still trying to get Eric Young over as a main eventer. Quiddat.

    damn it's amazing looking back on those times. they had the freaking Rainmaker, Okada, under contract and gave him a Kato gimmick as the creepy cameraman for Samoa Joe when he tried his best to out Pope as being a phony for some reason and... Holy shit looking back on it... I see how you AE marks are when you rememeber the Kennel from Hell, damn.

    Know Matt really hated his time there so I don't see why TNA would bother signing them, and while they're kicking ass with RPG Vice and The Addiction and Red Dragon (ain't got time for your weird ass spellings!) why would you want to join THIS tag division?
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