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  1. What Storyline(s) would you like to see TNA do?
  2. Have Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan live sex on Spike, in Hogan's office.
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  3. I approve that. :vince:
  4. Morgan as the unstoppable champion, heel of course. Crimson returning and being built up as the only real challenger left for Morgan, having defeated everyone for the last 4-6 months.
  5. :hmm: A Crimson/Joe feud for the TV championship may be something I could enjoy.
  6. Joe to finally find those ninjas.

    In all honesty. I'd like to see some continuation to the Joseph Park is Abyss story.

    Also a good Magnus return angle with him returning and taking the TV title from Joe.
  7. Magnus & Sting forming a team against Aces & Eights, and returning at UK tapings. Imagine that pop for Magnus & Sting.
  8. :hogan: The hulkster can get down on that, brother.

    Joey Ryan vs Ion, but it wont happen. Otherwise, Sanjay vs anyone who gets him on TV.
  9. Have Daniels in the title picture.
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  11. Spike is a network mainly watched by College age men. Brooke Hogan being plowed would most likely draw massive ratings.
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  12. Hebners shed his skin in the ring and be revealed as a younger, fresher Hebner....
  13. He becomes his son?
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  14. Correct. :idontcare:
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  15. Then where does that leave Brian Hebner? Is it a highlander scenario where there can be only one?
  16. Damn. Like 1.4 massive? Easy E might shit himself
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  17. I'd like to see Gunner get a push. I have a feeling he is more of a character than TNA let us see.
  18. Lol true.


    Rumor has it he's going down in OVW.:upset:
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