News TNA suffers massive drop in viewership

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  1. From October 15th:
    Source: TNA Impact Wrestling Suffers Big Drop In Viewership, ROH Stays Steady -

    Ouch... it's dropping fast
  2. It's the average.

    TNA's views go up and down on the fly. It's very unsteady. It isn't really TNA's fault as the network itself isn't really that secure.
  3. Not sure if you're aware, but TNA is a show that the ratings fluctuate constantly. The ratings go up and down all the time. So the ratings making a huge drop doesn't mean shit, they can be up big next week... The only time the fans should worry about the ratings is when they keep dropping consistently.
  4. They have been dropping steadily for a year with a few peaks
  5. I think she's talking about their time with DA, and of course TNA's ratings have been dropping over the years, much like every other US wrestling promotion with any sort of TV deal.
  6. The ratings on DA have been in constant decline. So my point still stands.
  7. TNA is bad and should feel bad.
  8. Yeah but 28% each week? That's a decent piece right there...
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