News TNA talent expected to take pay cuts

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Dec 11, 2013.

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  2. I would love to hear them sing deals. TNA should get after that.
  3. It would be like the voice except for wrestling
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  4. this is the 2nd paycut thread in 6 month's. Seriously considering only youtubing the Aries/Roode matches and saying fuck this product.

    If they are in the black every year like Dixie stated, why is everyone consistently expected to accept paycuts? Hogan left, his daughter is long gone, and it seems like a few member's backstage have left. Why should I not expect that opens up extra cash for your STARS when you have been "in the black for at least the past 5 years?"
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  5. What Dixie said doesn't necessarily mean that they are making profit. She said they had a bigger cash flow every year, that means making more money, but also spending more. So while they might make more money, they probably also spend more each year. She used a buffer/smooth talker word used in PR.
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  6. I understand but the money freed up from Hogan alone should be able to be more considerate of her stars, especially when considering how much talent they have cut over the course of a year.
  7. I agree. But isn't Janice (mama Dixie) in charge now backstage? And she is far less willing to spend money than her money mark daughter. She most likely decided to cut TNA's funding to save as much as possible.
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  8. Then she should drop Sting. My only issue is my question to the effect that TNA is a company getting TV money on the regular, how far from the Indies are they when stability isn't the only issue, constantly getting money taken away after the fact is as well?

    It just makes me think FTJ was right, is TFA going out of buildness? Or are they gaining income off the hard work of stars willing to take pay cuts consistently (twice in 6 months is a lot IMO) in order to keep the owners income inflated?
  9. Here's the problem with them being privately owned, we can only speculate since they don't release numbers. We can only say "yup, they're dead" when it is written on the wall in bright red.

    I have no idea how much they make off of their international TV deals, if they really were making tons of money off of it, then why go off the road and make these pay cuts?
  10. Well, All I can say is its awesome he put over Magnus.
  11. Told you all TFA was going out of buildness
  12. Just wanted to say that TNA was profitable in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 (confirmed by both PWInsider and even Meltzer haha). Obviously, they aren't this year considering cuts and paycuts.

    What to say about the supposed paycuts coming up next year? I don't know, obviously TNA is really tight until they stand real HARD on their feet again.
  13. OH FFS if JC4Life liked my post I must have been wrong.
  14. rip tfa no more buildness for you
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  15. It would be like music to my ears.
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  16. Sounds strange that they'd leave a talent like AJ go to cut costs if they don't really need to.
  17. I don't think they pay much of Sting's salary I know Spike covered the majority when he first signed at least.
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  18. Either way, bring back Joey Ryan (yeah i marked for your sig) and anyone else who is above wrestling in a t-shirt to avoid titty exposure. Sting isn't even good on the mic anymore, you see his last few segments?

    I'm STING! Kurt Angle is a good friend of mine! No i'm not twice your size, rockstar spud, i refuse to open this door because this story is about a vagina, and i'm wearing it.
  19. He has strong name value though which really helps, I'm keen on keeping him in an ambassadorial role personally but he can really help put someone over even to this day on star power alone with a little help from booking. His stuff with Bully was pretty good looking back as an example, Magnus and Roode were awful though.
  20. When he screamed he was going to put Magnus over, i facepalm'd for sure. If anything, he hurt Magnus and his title run. I got him being the low member in MEM, and it was so much better seeing him perform well when people like sting were doing jack shit but getting more tv time, same as hogan...but that moment when Magnus bitched about the Flair match and asking who was going to put him over, i just lost it. It made Magnus look weak, and like a child looking for his daddy to help him find his way, when his matches were great...and all he needed was to cut a promo about how he was main event material and everyone but Dixie Carter knew it.
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