TNA Talents Trying To Talk To WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 26, 2013.

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  2. Who could it be who could it be....
  3. Hopefully not all of them. I'd only like to see a select few in the "e"
  4. Hogan!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. I wonder if some of these guys could be Joe or Styles, if not Knockouts like Sarita?
  6. We all know one of those guys is Taz :damnn:
  7. Taz won't be a problem. WWE realized by this point that he's good for nothing (anxiouly waiting for TNA to stumble onto that), but curious about who wants to go to WWE. Could see some interesting jumps.
  8. We need a yawn smiley
  9. If it turned out Samoa Joe was one of them I would shit bricks. Even Joe in just a trainer role/part time on NXT to train younger talent would be great.
  10. Lol TNA wrestlers jumping ship even when there still under contract Dixie must be so gutted
  11. I'd like to see Jeremy Borash actually...Could be a nice fresh addition to the backstage interviewer roles.
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