News TNA Talents Unhappy After Latest Incident, What WWE Reportedly Told TNA Talents Looking For Work

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  2. "Many TNA talents have sent feelers out to other promotions and ones that contacted WWE were reportedly told that WWE is not interested in anyone from TNA, even if they were willing to go through a tryout camp first."

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  3. Going to assume it's because of the whole homegrown talent initiative the WWE's got going on right now.
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  4. "You're from that company Jarrett started with money he stole from me? Get out" - Vince McMahon
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  5. Found this on twitter:

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  6. Because Meltzer hasn't been very pro the TNA product this year at all.

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  7. High five Aids.

    I doubt they aren't interested in ANY talent. Didn't Taeler get on the Rosebuds? Taryn could be in WWE, but the majority of TNA talent are out of the age range.
  8. lol.
    TNA fans still thinking the product is good.
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  9. High five Aids indeed.

    As for the not interested part: At least part of it is probably just WWE being safe. If they actually said "Let's talk" to any talent under TNA contract TNA could sue them. But there has to be at least some salty eyes towards TNA talent looking for work considering it being "Jarrett's company" and Jarrett starting it with money he held up Vinnie Mac for (some sources say 300K, others between 1.5 and 3 million).
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