TNA to stay in Orlando for "foreseeable future."

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Apr 16, 2012.

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  2. Going on the road is expensive and as we saw tonight, clearly doesn't guarantee a better crowd. I would have preferred this PPV to be in the IZ tonight, that crowd was pure dog shit.
  3. To be honest where they were wasn't much bigger than IZ lol. You could still here every individual person chanting something. Like the annoying asshole who was chanting ECW during Roode's promo.

    Bigger places would be much better.
  4. IZ 4 life! :matt:

    Seriously, I think they'll go on the road during summer, just like last year.
  5. The size of the IZ isn't the problem, it's the fact that they have non-paying tourists at the shows instead of actual fans. And I read from someone that was at the show in Nashville that there were a lot of empties, so a bigger place that they aren't selling out doesn't solve shit since they can't even sell out the small venues.

    And since the ratings are never any better when they go on the road, what incentive does TNA have to go on the road? None.

    They can record every Impact in the IZ from now until the end of time for all I care, they just need to focus on getting more PPVs in better venues.



    Nashville needs to be blacklisted

  6. ^

    Was that actually during the PPV? Damn if so, didn't notice that SO much.
  7. Apparently so. I'm hearing maybe 2k, 3k at the most. That is the non-camera side, so the other side probably didn't look quite so pathetic.
  8. Didn't Dixie and JB said they sold out 6k last week? Dat lying bitch.
  9. That is so bad.
  10. It's even worse considering how much they talked about Nashville leading up to the build. They were selling hard about Storm's homecoming, and then this is how they respond?

  11. They should just migrate to Wembley. That was awesome.
  12. They probably lost a shitload of money filming over there and gained little to no viewership. :upset:
  13. Is the IZ any better than that shitty ass crowd last night? It was a good show, but was ruined by the crows >.<
  14. The IZ is way better than that shit last night 99% of the time.
  15. Not true. IZ is sometimes excellent and sometimes diabolical. That crowd was at least chanting once in a while, sometimes I think the IZ crowd is there for free food or something.
  16. The crowd last night was hot for Aries (as the IZ always is) and semi-awake during the Hardy/Angle match. Outside of that it was one of the worst crowds I've ever seen. In the IZ at least you have the cast members feinting interest if nothing else.
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