TNA to tape a month of Impact in UK

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. PWInsidier

    Expect some hot crowds.
  2. Interesting, I may attend the Manchester taping.
  4. Awesome, very good for both TNA and the UK fans.
  5. Indeed, TNA have a good fanbase in UK if I'm correct?
  6. Yes they do. In fact, if I recall correctly, at one point TNA shows got higher ratings then WWE shows in the UK.
  7. Tempted for Manchester.
  8. Actually tempted myself for Manchester.
  9. Hey Lacky, if you can, find the UK tapings (think they called them "Impact Invasion") from earlier this year. Those crowds were absolutely electric and the episodes were great... Can't wait for them to get back in front of that crowd and wish they could stay there.
  10. Thanks bro, I'll have a look now. :otunga:
  11. Wouldn't Wembley be better for you?
  12. I know quite a few people in Manchester, lived there for a year or so. Could stay with them and perhaps watch with a couple of them if they're still into it. Not spoke to them in a while though.
  13. I thought we were your only friends? :pity:
  14. Which of you UK people are attending?
  15. Getting tempted but not confirming either way #OnTheFence
  16. I might attend the Manchester one, nothing is definite yet because I need to check finances. With Christmas shopping.
  17. Want to go too :downer:
  18. If you do go remember to bring your Leojay sign :otunga:

    None of this stuff happens in Australia. The last time TNA were going to come here, they cancelled at the last minute :pity:
  19. Balls awesome news. My mind will be blown by the ultra-loud UK fan(g)s the whole February! Can't wait.
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