TNA Turning Point Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Star Lord, Nov 16, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    When?: Thursday, November 21st, 9/8c

    Where?: Universal Studios, Orlando

    Match Card:





  2. Testify already made the thread for the PPV
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  3. Not the live discussion though
  4. I already told Testify to do the thread for me if he didn't make one, because people no sells my threads when I made them.Testify is a legit top 5 favorite member here so I wanna see if my theory is correct.
  5. Fuck you AA, you stole this one from me, I had a deal with Kassius....

    Are we gonna merge these or what?
  6. Sorry Test, Didn't know yours was a live discussion haha
  7. Merging sounds sexy and naughty to me.
  8. Nah, it's OK. The opening post is nearly awesome as the ones I made before, so no complaints.

    We'll just continue to dicuss the show here, the thread I made is a news thread anyway.
  9. Can I get a shell yeah!?:yay:
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  10. HOLY shit. The Hoff likes this very very much. Thank you Rainman for posting that, as yours truly is a huge SharkBoy fan. :fap:
  11. Of course you'd be a huge Shark Boy fan, you probably met him a bunch of times when you had to rescue Pamela Anderson from his ever-horrifying grasp! Thank you, Hoff, humanity is grateful.

    (Shell yeah!)
  12. The Hoff did indeed encounter him many-a-times. Back then, he was a dastardly villain. The Hoff's arch-nemesis if you will. But, as time went on, we grew to have a mutual understanding for one another, and alas, a friendship did indeed blossom. So, I am excited to see my good ole' friend back in TNA
  13. Haha, awesome. I think I'll be able to see it live. Shark Boy being back will be awesome.
  14. This show will be great just because of Shark Boy coming back.
  15. Rampage on facebook:

  16. Magnus vs Joe Falls Count Anywhere, Anderson vs Bully Stable vs Career, Roode vs Storm Bullrope Match,and, the return of the one and only Sharkboy. Man,it's gonna be a good show.
  17. [​IMG]

    TNA's new sound studio 19 looks like this, via Brian Hebner (the ref).

    Basically, the "road" set now incorporated into Universal.... Huh, that's a wierd thing to do, I thought they were gonna make it a whole lot different. :/
  18. Maybe they'll add to it as time goes on. They did move in kind of in a rush/on short notice. Plus we haven't seen how the around the ring area looks. Or they could just be going for a grungy/ECW feel for all I know.
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