TNA UK Star Magnus Talks TNA, Aces & 8's, Samoa Joe and More

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    Magnus, who is currently on a TNA promotional tour of the UK and Ireland, spoke with Challenge TV and Two Tube about a number of interesting topics.

    When you come to the UK, what do you generally prefer to do?
    I love to eat all the things I can't get in the US, like real Fish n Chips, my mum's Shepherds Pie! I love to watch Match of the Day, but mostly I just like to catch up with all my friends and family.

    Do you think the crowds from the US differ to the crowds in the UK?
    The US crowds are definitely harder to please, dare I say it, a little spoiled. The way I sum it up is like this; US crowds want you to try and entertain them, UK crowds want to try and be entertained. The UK is currently the home of the best wrestling fans in the world, that's why everyone wants to be on the tour.

    Do you see yourself being the TNA World Champion in 2013 and who inspired you to get into wrestling?
    You have to see yourself as World Champion, but after a successful 2012 I believe I can earn the top prize if given the opportunity. I was inspired by a lot of people to get into wrestling, but my first real heroes were Hulk Hogan and Bret 'The Hitman' Hart.

    If you weren't a professional wrestler, what job would you want to do?
    I'm fortunate that I have a few strings to my bow so to speak, and I am doing some things in acting, TV presenting and this year I hope to produce my first TV show. I think if and when I don't wrestle anymore I will work in the entertainment industry in some fashion.

    How did the name Magnus get chosen to be your TNA ring name?
    I honestly don't really know. I know that Dixie Carter had a lot to do with it. I think they just sat around and brainstormed.

    What have been your standout moments in TNA to date?
    Main eventing against Sting in '09, my 'This is England' promo at Wembley in January 2012 and my Bound For Glory match versus Samoa Joe in October.

    What's been your most favourite Spin Cycle so far?

    Good question! So many Spin Cycles have been such a blast, but the Mr. TNA episode with me and Robbie E was a laugh.

    Will we ever have a British TNA Champion?

    What's your opinion on Aces & 8's? Will you be challenging Devon for the TV Title?
    They have really shaken the show up. It's going to all come to a head, what the eventual payoff is, is yet to be seen but I think there is a lot more to come. If the opportunity arises, I will be happy to take the title from Devon, maybe on home soil...

    Any chance of teaming up with Samoa Joe again? You guys were awesome!
    Never say never; it was a highlight of my career and Joe has brought out the best in me, I owe him so much. I would always love to do it again, even if it was a one-night-only type situation.

    What do you think of the British Boot Camp contestants?

    They are all talented and unique talents in their own rights, I am very close with Marty and Spud, so I know what they offer. The Blossoms have made a big impression. TNA would be lucky to have any of them.
  2. This guy will be a main eventer hopefully. He is great in ring, great on mic, classic decent English wrestler. Hope he won't waste himself like Regal.
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