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  1. Dave Meltzer is reporting that the Carter family wants to throw the towel in on TNA and sell the company to the highest bidder. Interested/Rumoured parties range from Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, Viacom and even the WWE.

    Dave Meltzer revealed the news on his radio show today that they've been wanting to get out of the wrestling business for several months now, after they've thrown everything at the company without any results.

    Source: f4wonline

    Meltzer reported it,so, I would definitely take this with a grain of salt.
  2. I doubt it, why would they sell when Dixie is midstory? Especially when she wasn't involved for aggggggeeeeessss.
  3. Hahahah highly doubt it, but I definitely would not mind every name there buying it except WWE.
  4. Even Bischoff?
  5. If true, which I doubt. I wonder if the Sinclair group has enough coin for it. Would love to see ROH and TNA combine.
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  6. What if Ted Turner bought it and revived WCW?!?!? got the roster and others, lets face it if Ted Turner got WCW revived all the guys that were big in WCW wanting to go to WWE will go straight to Ted.
  7. I highly doubt this, lmao. Fuck Meltzer.
  8. They are all past it now, plus WWE owns the WCW name, plus isn't Ted Turner like 90 or something.
  9. Did I accidentally wake up in the year 2001 or something??
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  10. She probably gets to stay on paid if she does. I'm down?
  11. Turners 74. It can be a different name just a thought.
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    Of course they want out. That is a shitty revenue stream.

  13. God damn Australians
  14. I thought he was way older than that. TNA could do with a Roman Abramovic type owner.
  15. We all wish we did.....could relive the greatest era's of wrestling.
  16. Though, its impossible but still loved that era.
  17. WWE owns the WCW name and all the footage. Plus, everyone that was on the roster at the time of WCW's demise is either in their forties or fifties now, and virtually all of them are retired from in-ring competition. Also, why would Ted Turner owning it make much difference? Ted might be a billionaire but so is Bob Carter. Being owned by a billionaire is not a guaranteed recipe for being successful. Ted Turner owned WCW for years before it finally became a success.
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  18. I'm speechless.


    Then I laugh maniacally.

    OK. I'm done.

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  19. Sources say there is another bidder, this bidder put up the highest bid amount of 400 tacos. His code name, is Fooq.
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