News TNA vs. GFW in Lethal Lockdown


The Beast
So TNA and GFW have been in this storyline for a while now. And it seems that TNA and GFW will be fighting it out in a Lethal Lockdown match for control of TNA. What do you think this means, and who do you think will win?

I won't be shocked if GFW wins, and absorbs TNA. Taking the TNA TV show and re-branding it as a GFW TV show. But I see TNA winning as a more probable thing to happen. Opinions.


The Dark Master
I don't see TNA being re-branded as GFW (although, business-wise, it might be an extremely smart move) unless GFW has a television contract waiting in the wings we haven't heard about. I don't know if Destination America would accept GFW Amped (at least that was the last name I heard) in place of TNA Impact. So, that could be it or there could be another deal with another company. But, I don't know why TNA would give up its television contract to another rival company.

Of course, if rumors are true (and if the sky were a shade of puce), TNA might not have a television contract after the next couple of months, so that would render that particular argument moot.

Also, of course, if TNA's selling out to JJ or there's a backstage partnership between Panda Energy and GFW to merge the companies, then part of the argument is also moot.


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