TNA vs GFW: The King of The Mountain Championship

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    Jeff Jarrett has informed us that The King of The Mountain Championship will be defended this Wednesday night on Impact Wrestling. It will indeed be defended in a King of The Mountain Match. It is a known fact that the King of The Mountain Title can be defended in any type of match, but there will be a King of The Mountain Match Wednesday night in our Main Event.

    Who is competing? That is something that Jeff is keeping very close to the vest, but assured that it will be explosive and the match will be contested under normal King of The Mountain Rules. That is, 5 men will compete, you qualify for winning the title by pinfall or submission (that can occur anywhere), if you are pinned or submitted you spend 2 minutes in the penalty cage and you win by climbing the ladder and hanging the Championship high above the ring.

    Jeff has stated that he will announce one of the participants in the first segment of Impact Wrestling on Wednesday night.


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