TNA vs. GFW: The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee and Brian Myers

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    The Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards consider themselves the greatest tag team on the planet. They are The TNA World Tag Team Champions and they are considered one of, if not the best pure tag team in the world today. Eddie and Davey love the fact that they get to defend TNA in a match against Brian Myers and Trevor Lee.

    A simple google search of Brian Myers will give you plenty of information, Brian has won tag team gold in various companies and has competed all over the world. Trevor Lee is more of a wildcard. Trevor was born and raised in Cameron, NC, which means Trevor grew up watching Matt and Jeff Hardy, two tag team wrestling icons. If Trevor learned anything from watching the likes of The Hardy’s he will be a tremendous partner for Brian Myers and a difficult out for Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards.

    Which team will win the match? Which team will bring glory to their company? Will it be The TNA Wolves or The GFW duo of Myers and Lee?


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