TNA want Flair back

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  2. PWMania picked up the report from Meltzer, so it obviously ain't true, especially if you know that Flair (and his friend) clearly stated that he'll NEVER go back to TNA.
  3. I also don't see Flair going back to TNA.
  4. He said he has no interest in going back, I like tna but this is a case of sh#t in one hand and hope in the other and see which one fills up faster
  5. Dixie Carter alone is probably who wants him back. She is a proven mark for the older legends. So much so that it's the sole reason she wouldn't agree to give Paul Heyman full creative control in 2010, because he wanted to fire all the old guys (or at least put them in off-screen roles, such as promoting the company or doing an action figure with them, etc.)
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    Which sadly would have probably been then the wisest decision ultimately imo, tna missed the boat with both heyman and cornette, it's a good idea to keep a couple names sure, they will draw the crowd initially but after that use the "homegrown" stars to make people come back
  7. One of the many reasons I actually despise Dixie Carter.
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