TNA "World Heavyweight Tournament" O.N.O. PPV **Spoilers**

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  1. Here are the results from tonight's Heavyweight Title Tournament. It is to determine the greatest World Champion in TNA history.

    Credit to PWInsider and TNAsylum

    The most definite buy.

    Aries vs. Angle 1st time ever.:yes::yes:
  2. Roode going over = :win:
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  3. Joe Vs Aries :gusta:

    Is there a bad match on paper here? It's got a dope supercard feel to it
  4. Good decisions made here:

    - Joe over Hardy
    - Aries over Angle
    - Joe over Aries for once
    - Roode vs. Joe finals

  5. Joe going over for the majority? :yes:
  6. And the winner is... Bobby Roode, he deserves it.
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