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  1. AJ Styles defeated Seiya Sanada (via Calf Killer) in about 18 minutes to retain his title.


    On the same show, the team of Jay Bradley and Rob Terry defeated Kaz Hayashi and Shuji Kondo in 4 minutes. As already mentioned, they're both staying in Japan till the end of the month and wrestling on five more W-1 shows.

  2. After the match, Styles stated that he will be coming back to Japan again.

    It's interesting to note that Bradley tweeted the following after the show: "@TNADixie hey boss, @RobTerryimpact & myself just cornered @AJStylesOrg during his successful title defense at W-1. #friendsofAJ? #boomstick"
  3. On the 2nd show of this weekend, Jay Bradley & Rob Terry scored another tag team victory.

    They beat Koji Kanemoto & Seiki Yoshioka in a 7 minute match when Terry used Spiral Avalanche Hold on Yoshioka.

    Bradley & Terry are set for the rest of the tour too, another 4 shows.
  4. I'd love to see Bradley and Terry losing at least one match...
  5. Wonder how they market Jay Bradley and Rob Terry? "People who embody the American style of wrestling?"

    Cool that they've found enough promotions for AJ to go beat someone at so the same few companies don't have their guys putting him again and again. Also love the "Unauthorized TNA Championship" line.
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  6. I can definitely see Terry being billed as the typical American style. Not so sure about Bradley, he's more rugged so I can see him being billed as a brawler instead of a wrestler.
  7. ...Is it safe to assume no matter who AJ faces over the next few months, he will come out victorious? And can the same thing be assumed for Bradley and Rob T's visit to Japan? I'm confused on how this all goes, i assumed AJ would be winning and they would be eating pins.
  8. Terry and Bradley are in Japan for 15 days, wrestling on shows and training in dojos to get better when they come back, all that really matters.
  9. only 15 days?
  10. That's how Japan runs. They work in tours, on the road for like 15 days straight, then a week or two off, then back on it.
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  11. 15 days of training with Japanese beasts > 60 days of training in OVW

    And that's a fishin line because SB said so
  12. You could learn more in Japan for 3 months than a year in OVW.
  13. Alright since SB said it i'll let it soak in and understand.
  14. That's what I said, and if you translate my days into your months, it's the exact same statement mathematically. So, why even bother writing the post?

    Just a nebulous.
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  15. This is Ricochet before Japan:

    This is Ricochet after Japan:

    Japan is good for you
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  16. He does have some badass tat's.
  17. [​IMG]
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    Jay Bradley and Rob Terry are done with Japan for now. This is what they've accomplished on a 15 day, 7 shows tour with Great Muta's WRESTLE-1 promotion:

    Show #1: Bradley & Terry def. Kaz Hayashi & Shuji Kondo in 4:00
    Show #2: Bradley & Terry def. Koji Kanemoto & Seiki Yoshioka in 7:45
    Show #3: Bradley & Terry def. Koji Kanemoto & Minoru Tanaka in 5:00
    Show #4: Bradley & Terry def. Kaz Hayashi & Shuji Kondo in 5:35
    Show #5: Bradley & Terry def. Koji Kanemoto & Minoru Tanaka in 8:40
    Show #6: Rob Terry def. Jay Bradley in 6:45
    Show #7: Rob Terry def. Jay Bradley

    Reportedly, Terry is more over than Bradley as the W-1 officials (and fans) see a potential draw in Terry as a nasty-looking powerhouse monster gaijin.
  19. Rob Terry is headed for another tour with WRESTLE-1 (1/12 to 1/31).

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