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    Xplosion is a one hour television show that airs internationally and features weekly matches, an entertaining panel segment called the Spin Cycle, throwback matches and more!

    Willing to watch some of the action on TNA's syndicated international show, Xplosion? Watch all the matches from last two years here (FULL credit goes to TNAsylum's JSO):

    From now on, I'll be posting the weekly match(es) right here in this thread. Of course, anybody can do that if I'm not around. You're welcome.

    Last weeks match:

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  2. I'm a regular viewer of Xplosion.
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  3. I watch it to and from, it all depends on the subject for the spin cycle and the TNA today and how interesting they are.
  4. Amen man.:win: Nice to somebody else follows it with me.
  5. This week's match:

    Plus the Spin Cycle with Chavo, Hernandez, Tara and Douglas Williams:

  6. This weeks match (taped last week):

    And the zombie Spin Cycle:

  7. This weeks match:

  8. Keep this going, don't think we aren't paying attention!
  9. OK brother. Tonight it's Chavo & Hernandez (Team Nacho) vs. Robbie E & Rob Terry in a non-title tag action.
  10. Dos Stereotypicos vs. The List Bro:

  11. Xplosion material this week, including a match, a Spin Cycle with Joey Ryan debut and some BFG reactions (all courtesy of TNAsylum's JSO):

  12. I really like Spin Cycle.
  13. Mr. Sleaze vs. The Cowboy:

  14. Next week on Xplosion:

    Samoa Joe vs. Frankie Kazarian
  15. Television Title at stake on Xplosion:

  16. Kaz vs Joe? :fap:
  17. Next week on Xplosion:

    Kenny King is back in action when he faces Kid Kash and Zema Ion in a 3 Way X Division match. I think it may even be for the #1 contender status.
  18. ^Obviously, that match didn't happen because this one did:

    And new edition of Spin Cycle is here:

    So I'm guessing the 3 Way X Division match will happen either next week or never, because there is a possibility that is was just a dark match, I don't know. Anyway, you'll be updated.
  19. Xplosion: Kid Kash vs. Samoa Joe – TV Title Match


    Spin Cycle: Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Taryn Terrell and Joseph Park

    And yep, that 3 Way X Division match was dark after all.
  20. Xplosion: Joey Ryan vs. Hernandez

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