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  1. From that name, you probably expect this to be a TNA Hate thread. It's not. So if that's what you're expecting, click "Home" up at the top, and if you're Gohan click the X on the upper-right hand corner.

    Anyway, a couple of glaring things I noticed from Impact this week went above and beyond what they need to do to get a wrestling angle over nowadays. The first was the Hogan/Sting thing. I expected Hogan and Stinger to just team up to try to take on the Aces and Eights since that's what legends normally do, but it wasn't like that. Hogan seemed real, he was angry at everyone after his son-in-law did the complete dick move he did at Lockdown, and much of his anger was directed towards Sting because he was the one who got Hulk to trust Bully. It's like someone looked at the Hogan character and said "hmm, what would someone really do if put in this situation"? (And Hogan's uncharacteristically great acting really helped)

    But, lets say they didn't close this plothole. Would you even have noticed? After so many years of seeing creative teams do stupid shit like naming Vickie the whatever they're calling the GM of Raw now, would you even care any more? But since they did do this, Hogan finally seems like a real person I can get behind instead of "Hey, fans, look, Hogan, watch!"

    But the obvious one is AJ Styles. AJ doesn't care about the company any more, so he doesn't come out. Then he goes to take out the two people who wronged him recently, Storm who pinned him in the Triple Threat, and Daniels who's been torturing him for years with the help of a certain stupid bitch whose name should never be said again. Again, someone looked at Styles and said "what would he actually do". Not just that, but they took recent things we hated and retroactively made them pretty cool.

    Are there still little plotholes? Yeah. The whole mystery of "should I fire the Aces and Eights" was silly because Hogan is just now considering it, and then there's stuff like "why not strip Bully of the belt" which is just wrestling logic. Still, after so many years of seeing horrible writing in both mainstream companies, I've gotta give a ton of credit for TNA for this.
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  2. I said it a few times in my review thread, TNA is doing a ton of little things that really add up. For instance starting the opening segment with a 'scheduled tag team titles match' that gets interrupted by Aces & Eights is a much more effective way to make it seem like "wow, these badasses run shit!" than just Tenay opening the show with "Well here come Aces & Eights to the ring!"

    So yea, not really touching on the specific examples you've provided, but I agree TNA seems to 'get it' at this point in time.
  3. I agree my Rainmaker dude! :hogan:

    Hogan-Sting was balls awesome segment, and AJ Styles is on to something really great, I reckon.
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