Ring of Honor TNAMecca writes an open letter to ROH fans

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  1. Jesus Christ, the cringe.
  2. tl;dr
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  3. Wtf is tna mecca
  4. A place for all hardcore TNA fanboys, I guess.
  5. A dirt sheet dedicated to TNA. That doesn't allow anything remotely negative about TNA to be posted. Reports from Meltzer are banned since he "has a vendetta with TNA" and members of the site have likened being a TNA fan to being a prosecuted minority or sexuality.

    Quality people all in all.
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  6. This. Those guys are walking abominations.
  7. Sounds like in that big wall of text is something positive with this "#WatchROH" thing that means they want to support both ROH and TNA.

    But then again I just saw that because as Balor said, tl;dr.
  8. What this message means = Plz no bully.
  9. :facepalm2:All of that text and he is writing about the supposed bullying of TNA... Sigh. Some people aren't giving TNA's actual product a chance (they've put on really good shows since January with EC3/Spud and Wolves/Dirty Heels being standouts) but that guy needs to calm his titties.
  10. He's on TNAMecca, they do not calm their tits.

    To add to the hilarity/hypocrisy of this "article". Up until ROH signed with DA, people on TNAMecca buried ROH. It was every bad word in the book and fans who liked it were likened to morons and retards, but now that ROH have passed TNA we have to "band together".
  11. Sounds pretty bad... I bet they don't even watch ROH. I don't, but even I can respect ROH for apparently producing 90% of the wrestlers I love today (Punk, Bryan and Aries). One thing putting me off is the champion, that Briscoe guy. He just scares me way too much to watch and not feel uncomfortable :sad1:
  12. 1st: Let me introduce you to New Jack.

    2nd: Bricoe might not be champ come June 20 since they have a champ vs champ match lined up for their June 19 PPV.
  13. Isn't he the guy that rekt that untrained kid a while ago?

    Briscoe vs Lethal?
  14. New Jack has in his own words: Killed 4 people.

    And yes, Briscoe vs Lethal
  15. Briscoe is definitely my favorite act in wrestling. I don't know if I'd call him my favorite all around wrestler, but he's definitely my favorite promo guy and the crazy badass redneck gig is amazing (because it's who he is, obv). Also him being undefeated forever, really awesome. I gotta say that I'll be sad to see him lose the belt even if Lethal is indeed the best man to do so.
  16. Sure I'll watch ROH. Thanks for the multiple paragraphs.
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