News TNA's big signing apparently is...

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Rampage Jackson.....

    Don't they have King Mo for this? At least Jackson will be entertaining on the stick but really....

  2. :russo: Wow! What a swerve!

    Really surprised. Though it would be someone ready now, but he should draw in some MMA (read: former WWF) fans who may latch on to the more serious TNA product.
  3. I'm gonna be skeptic on this being the big free agent to TNA because no way does Rampage have enough free time to dedicate to TNA with his movies and MMA.
  4. Coming from someone who was the biggest Rampage fan from around 2003 until 2012 (when I finally had enough) I can safely say fuck Rampage Jackson. This does nothing for me.
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  5. And I think I speak for everyone. Nobody cares about the dude in 2013. This is worse than signing washed up WWE guys.
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  6. A HUGE :meh:

    At this point, Dan Severn would be a more exciting acquisition than Jackson.
  7. Why does TNA do this to themselves? They wouldn't catch nearly as much shit if they didn't try and hype this signing up.

    This is worse than Pac Man Jones.
  8. If Rampage doesn't wrestle...and I mean truly wrestle..he's a waste of a signing.I'm sure their ratings will go up a little when he first shows his face in a TNA ring, but after this good luck TNA.

  9. I doubt you see a ratings increase. The dude's flame is burnt out. He is a nobody anymore. I was his biggest fan when I first got into MMA and he was in Pride and here I am telling you how little of a fuck I give about this.

    I have a hard time believing any non-TNA fan that knows Rampage from his MMA career will be tuning in to see him in TNA. I just can't imagine it happening.
  10. lmfao
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  11. This is the only acceptable response. Especially after they hyped it up. For everything TNA can do to entertain us they always find a way to remind us why they are what they are. Brother.
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  12. I have never heard of him.
  13. Impossible! He was in A Team, bro!
  14. I haven't watched the a team film, but i now know who he is after googling him, i recall his face from the film adverts.

    When they say he is an MMA star do they mean UFC?
  15. This is great..... NO ONE EVER SAID

    Seriously, free agent? Get lost Dixie :george:
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  16. I have nothing to say.......

  17. UFC is an MMA organization. Rampage was an MMA star long before he was in the UFC.
  18. Speaking of the A Team, I'd rather see Mr.T foo!
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  19. I hope this isn't the signing she hyped, he's an interesting interview / dry humper but just no Quinton. Also isn't he signed to Bellator with a possible TNA apperance or someshit?
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