TNA's Future heading into 2014?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Kassius HoHo, Dec 25, 2013.

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  1. Okay my thoughts on TNA going into 2014 well one thing what's the impact of A.J Styles departure from TNA and how does it effect everyone else? I mean he was a veteran, been there since the beginning do you think guys like Samoa Joe, Kazarian, Daniels, Bobby Roode, James Storm will stay with the company now when the ship is starting to sink? I wouldn't be surprised one or two of these guys I listed leave the company in the future.Right now TNA has a young World Champion in Magnus.I still thought Magnus was not to be the man for the company but they took the risk of him begin World Champion, due to Styles's departure.As much as I love the influx of youth in TNA, you still see older talent to push those guys in the right direction.I guess Magnus will be tested hope he swims afloat if not TNA is real trouble.What I wanna see is new talent in the tag team division and knockouts division.I mean the Bromans are entertaining but they haven't found their niche yet in the ring together and when they do, the team will do great together.Still the Bromans needs some challengers get some from them TNA.Now to the Knockouts I love to watch, now it's great to see Madison Rayne back but if she wins the belt eventually then what? She fends off Gail Kim and Tepa no way she feuds with ODB? Please TNA get some new talent for these divisions!
  2. Says who? The internet? Mmm ok.

    What I'm most excited for is the new blood and how they will be booked in 2014: EC3, Samuel Shaw, Rockstar Spud, Gunner and others. I like all of them and think they all have something to bring to the table.

    I hope the Bro-Mans, Zema Ion, EGO, Aries, Dewey & Norv, and Sabin continue to be the most entertaining wrestlers on the roster.

    I think the future is bright, even despite the founder Jeff Jarrett supposedly being gone from TNA. The signs are pointing to AJ Styles staying (or coming back to, if you will) with TNA, and that's awesome of course.

    (I wish some guys like Joey Ryan and Crimson would come back + Young Bucks being hired again)

    2014 has the potential to be a great year imho, and I hope it does end up like that.
  3. The real TNA future? This guy

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  4. Interesting you say that because with Magnus as World Champ first guy I put in the ring with him is this God.He'll make Magnus a credible World Champion for sure!
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