TNA's new and greatest tag team

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  1. Such unbridled rage. James Storm, Gunner, Bad influence, Bro-mans. Prepare your anuses.
  2. OMG, this is gold! These two are hilarious, especially Avalon (Fernum). I dig this.
  3. Well shit.
  4. Lol @ Taz

    Does this mean they signed Peter Avalon (Norv Fernum)? Dewey Barnes is already the TNA employee for yrs now, working in the merch department.

    Sounds like we got us the 7th tag team in TNA atm.
  5. I can't watch the video right now, is that the skinny dude from Bound For Glory? I dug him a fuckton more than Derrick Masturbateman.
  6. I'd fuckin love to see Kaz & Daniels rip these two apart.
  7. :lol1: A nerdy jobber tag team like this sounds like awesome TV.
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