TNAsylum Exclusive: Interview With Jesse Godderz

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  1. TNAsylum recently sat down with Jessie Godderz AKA Jesse. We discussed a few topics in this exclusive interview including Jesse's time in OVW, Bound For Glory, who he would like to wrestle and his response to his critics.

    How does it feel to finally be on TNA Television after such a long-time in Ohio Valley Wrestling?

    I love it. I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it. I know that you have to pay your dues. I know you have to put in a lot of hard work and I know that things that are worthwhile do not come easy so you have to put in the time and invest the energy. I’ve sacrificed a lot and I’ve moved over four times across the country, up and down the East Coast and I’m very proud of this accomplishment. It’s huge. I love Dixie Carter, I love Bruce Prichard, I love Al Snow, everybody that’s helped me along the way. The people in power; Spike TV, IMPACT wrestling, Eric Bischoff. These people are the ones that finally gave me this opportunity. I’m trying to take the ball that they’ve given me and run with it to the best of my ability. I think that it’s finally time, and I hope I don’t let anybody down to be honest with you. But I’m making my parents proud, I’m making my family proud back in Iowa so that’s the biggest step and biggest compliment to me right now.

    What can you say about your experience in Ohio Valley Wrestling from your training, to your multiple championship wins to your trainers such as Al Snow?
    Obviously, I definitely love Al Snow. I love the facility at OVW. Danny Davis, Rip Rogers, these guys have turned out tons and tons of superstars, some of which have crossed through the doors of OVW to IMPACT wrestling. Kurt Angle has been there, Matt Morgan, Pope has been there. There have been so many people that have already gone through the doors. I’m very proud and honored to be another one. It’s a very hard and intense schedule but it’s very beneficial and I’m getting all the experience I need. I get to work in front of crowds and I get to have the most fun at Ohio Valley Wrestling that I’ll probably have for a really long time hopefully more months to come.

    You previously were apart of "Big Brother." How do you feel your experience on that show will contribute to what you offer to the IMPACT Wrestling product?

    With myself being “Mr. Pectacular” and Jessie from Big Brother I do believe it brings a while other dimension, whether it be my character or what I can bring to the table here, just due to the other element being exposure, exposure to bring in new fans and new hype or bring in new media or social outlets, that I can target a different demographic. Even my physique, the thing that was my schitck that I carried through five years of being on CBS’ Big Brother. Everybody over there is like my second family and I’d love to make this one an even closer second. But the people at CBS and Big Brother, the list of names of supporters over there in that office goes on and on and on with people that are near and dear to my heart because they’ve given me the opportunities there time and time again and I never let them down. They obviously saw something in me and I hope to bring that to the table here as well and just keep shining as the star I am. Believe the hype.

    What can you say about your debut at Bound For Glory in front of the rabid Phoenix crowd?

    It was nuts. There’s nothing else like the experience that I had at Bound for Glory. I felt as though I was mentally prepared, physically prepared and then I walked out there and I couldn’t even hear. Like, I literally could not hear anything. I was staring right across from my girlfriend Tara who just became the Knockout’s champion and there was 20 feet that I had to walk to her that kept diminishing to less and less and less. I’m staring at her mouth trying to read what she’s saying, and either it was so loud or my ears just completely shut off but I couldn’t hear anything. So, I knew I was in the right place, I knew that that was a moment, I knew that was something that I’ll never forget in my entire life. Those people were so loud and there’s nothing else to even say. It was just so overwhelming. It was an experience that I’m never going to forget.

    Do you feel that the Hollywood couple of Jessie and Tara will give George and Stacy and the others a run for their money?

    I don’t even think there is a run for their money because George and Stacy are over and me and Tara are still alive and well, to be honest with you. She’s been winning matches left and right. I just won my first match, thank you very much. So I think that between the power couple we have, which is IMPACT wrestling’s power couple of Tara, the Knockout’s Champion and myself is unstoppable and I’d like to see anyone try and step up to the plate and take us on because I feel sorry for them and they better be bringing a small army. I’ll be frank with you, I’ll be Frank, I’m not even going to be Jessie, I’ll be frank. I pity the fool who comes after us.

    What goals do you have in TNA both short term and long term?

    The goals that I’ve laid before myself at IMPACT Wrestling short term is to make an impact as of right now and to keep it throughout my career. I’m kind of at a loss for words because longevity is key in wrestling. People can be fly by night just off of one thing that they could possibly do and then they can dwindle to the back and never be heard from again. I don’t want to be that kind of person. I feel as though I have all the qualities to be come a top superstar, whether it’s my physique, my looks, my marketability, my amazing mouthpiece or my award winning smile. I mean, seriously, having the physique of a world-class body builder, the strength of a world-class power lifter and the intellect of a world-class scholar, that’s gotta count for something. And I’m the youngest two-sport pro athlete, I mean come on. Look at me. But my goals would have to consist of definitely having longevity, whether that goal is long term or short term. You can put that in there however you want. Yes, I’d love to be a champion but I would much rather elicit true emotion from people and make them care about me every time my music hits, every time Tara’s music hits, every time I walk down that ramp, every time I get in the ring, any time anybody steps in the ring with me prior to them even touching me, I want somebody to actually care.

    Do you see yourself reforming your OVW Tag Team with Rob Terry, perhaps in a group that also includes Robbie E? Do you have someone else in mind for a dream tag team partner?

    I don’t know if I see myself aligning with Robbie E and Robbie T just because I think they have their own thing going on. If they feel the need to bring me in as some sort of apprenticeship, with Robbie E it would be to learn how to lose and for Robbie T it would be to get bigger so I think they have a lot to learn from me possibly.

    Who on the TNA Roster would you like to get in the ring with the most?

    I would love to be able to say that I was in the ring with Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, even Chavo. I mean RVD, Sting, Bully Ray. These guys are legends today that are still wrestling. I still have action figures from these guys. And now that I’m working in the company it’s kind of hard to set that aside to know that I have to know that I’m going to go toe to toe with somebody like this and be able to throw my own elbows and throw my own kicks and give them moves that look so stupendous that when they watch them back they’re going to feel bad for themselves, but I’m willing to do that. I’m willing to go out and buy a t-shirt every time I walk into IMPACT wrestling just so I can take it off and reveal to the crowd that I look better than the vast majority of the people that are here but when it comes to wrestling somebody, Kurt Angle by far, would be my number one. I don’t even know what to say. It would just be something else.

    What is your finishing maneuver and what do you call it?
    My finishing maneuver is called “Locked and Loaded” but you’ll have to see it to believe it. To be revealed…

    What final thoughts would you like to say both to your TNA fans and your critics?

    My TNA fans, thank you. It’s been a long, long, long, long journey. I don’t plan on it stopping any time soon. And to all the critics, people have been trying to hold me down since I left Iowa and that was seven years ago. I’m just a small-town kid from Rudd, Iowa and ever since I left and even before I left, people were saying that I’m not going to make it and I don’t have what it takes and I’m still standing here. I have a list of accolades that I’ve accrued at the ripe old age of 26 that you can’t even begin to fathom, so get up off your couch, stop being a blogger and actually try doing something that I’ve accomplished, like curling 100 lb. dumbbells with one hand. Yeah, try that.

    We would like to thank Jessie Godderz and TNA's PR Department for allowing us to do this interview with TNAsylum. We wish Jessie a long and good career in TNA.
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