To all mi Playboyz

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. Yo, what's poppin'?

    So, when you're trying to seduce a babe, what is your go to move? How do you spit your game?
    How long does it take for you to give her the D?

    See, what I do is I start acting like I'm this gentleman. Get her real wet in the britches with some sweet talk, then I pull the rug right up from underneath her and act like I'm not interested. They usually give it up within a couple of weeks and then you have to kick em to the curb. Unless you find the right one of course, i'm not a monster.

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  2. I tell her it ain't gonna suck itself. I then get slapped though :downer:
  3. I don't remember :idk:
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  4. Humor is always my way in. In social settings I just try to make light of things with my jokes and chicks dig it. Once they indicate that they find you funny you are essentially home free if you can carry on a conversation.

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  5. Humour and confidence.

    I remember once going into a club with a beastly pick up line. I grabbed a piece of ice out of my drink, went up to the bar where the girl was, and smashed the ice on the bar. I then said "Now we've broke the ice" with the most confident smile ever, only to realise I didn't actually break the ice. :why:
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  6. I had no game sadly, never did. Lucky I ended up with my wife the way I did.
  7. Another thing that I've found to work and it sounds ridiculous is downplaying your interest levels in conversation. Don't be the lapdog who eats up everything she says, you seem desperate which turns most girls off. Be like Hyde, aloof.
  8. Even though they all say they want a guy that listens. Women are such curious creatures.
  9. They want a relationship with a guy who listens. They want to have sex with someone like I described before.

    Guess which category of guys I'm trying to fall into when chatting up females?
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  10. Nice, I guess I was always too stupid to get the difference. I was NOT a ladys man. Too nice I believe is what I heard a lot. Didn't that piss me off.
  11. I was a meat and potatoes try to get a gf to get laid type of cat in HS. I never just 'hooked up' with chicks. I really wish I had a similar approach back then that I do now and I would have been elbow deep in pussy
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  12. I guess you could say I was the same way, it just NEVER happened. :awyeah:
  13. You getting GFs in hs? but HS girls are desperate for meaningless relationships. YOu fall into them by accident almost
  14. Nope, never happened. It was BAD.

    Storytime: I didn't like going to dances, not my scene, crappy music, not fun. Got asked to go to a Valentine's day one by a cute girl who I was pretty sure was into me. Some "cooler" dudes show up to the dance all drunk and shit and she ended up taking them back to her place, leaving me behind. Hell I didn't even know she left until someone else told me.

    Oh WAIT, I did have one in my middle school years. I played pee wee football and she cheered for my team. Her BF had just moved away about a week or so prior. I was told she would say yes if I asked her out. I did, she said yes, and she dumped me when her ex came back a few weeks later. Never even kissed her. And this was pre-HS. God my childhood has no good stories about women, shit. The good ones don't start until I ended up in Germany in the Army.
  15. thank god you have those at least, I was starting to get depressed lol
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  16. I lived it, lol
  17. there there, come here my dear boy

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  18. :okay:Thanks. But nowadays I just think they missed out on some friggin awesome bedroom action. Their loss IMO. Maybe thats assuming to much and being cocky (HA) but I have a reliable source to go by (the wife).
  19. I've had my experiences. Bad and good always had to call an audible when it came to girls. My fiancée/gf was the best I did bc it was something that I used my knowledge of sports to get close to her. We met watching a Raiders game a few years ago. Before her, I'd be blunt to girls and it was pretty much my swing for the fences move. Didn't feel like taking it one base at a time. Had decent success with it
  20. If you don't mind putting yourself out there and coming off as sort of abrasive there are definitely those chicks out there that are DTF and you just have to ask more or less. You have to be good looking for it to work obviously, and having money helps, because those are the types of chicks who are going to go for that type of move.

    never been my style.
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