To all the guests who view the forum

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by MarkyMark, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. I constantly see threads with views in the hundreds, but only 10 or so posts. This message is to all the guests who view, but do not post.

    I was the same way for a couple weeks. The personality on this board are great. Trust me guys, it is a lot more fun to be part of the discussion instead of just read it. Sign up and have some fun.

    Besides, who can really resist having the chance to chat with the amazingly entertaining Randy Savage :otunga:

    Don't MarkyMark on your own. MarkyMark with us!

    So be creative and get your YES on :yes:
  2. :facepalm1:
  3. I don't think you'd call some of the exchanges that happen in this forum with Randy "chats", but anyway, sign up guests. We're cool. :burns:
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  4. You mean you guys don't just love Randy's posts. His superb use of the English language is enough to make anyone admire the guy :dawg:

    Seriously though, I never understand a word the guy says
  5. Neither do I. However, his acceptance of other people's ideas amazes me.
  6. Not to mention the fact that he loves giving props to all superstars and not just one in particular. Hate fans like that. Randy is what all fans should strive to be like.
  7. For sure, the guy's a role model.
  8. Definitely a role model. Randy is the John Cena of this forum. Which is pretty funny since he is such a big MarkyMark for Cena.


    User(s) browsing this forum: AidsJohnson, Dolph'sZiggler, MarkyMark, 42 Guest(s)

    Come on 42 guests. Don't be shy. Sign up so you can reply to this thread.

    Besides, if you don't sign up. Tensai will show up tonight in your dreams and blow his big green load in your face :tensai:
  9. Awesome thread.

    So many of our most active users though were lurkers for a period time.
  10. Should we tag Randy in this thread or not? The reaction could be golden or he might just die of a stroke :terry:
  11. I've been a lurker. Not so long here, but in other places, for quite some time. Just checking out funny pictures threads, reading a few discussions, voting on polls... but never being an active member. Then I got here. I checked out the site, saw it looked quite good, read a few threads, and then I created my account. After a few days, I created my introductory post and the rest is history. :obama:
  12. I was a lurker on about 3 different boards before I finally decided on this one.
  13. I agree come on guests sign up and join in the fun :emoji_slight_smile: we are all nice here
  14. Sign up or face the consequences of not dealing with Sandy Ravage and Xanth! You may actually stay coherent and slim. You decide. :burns:
  15. @[Randy Savage]
  16. @[Sandy Ravage]

    Whoops, my bad.:facepalm1:
  17. One of them being me. :otunga:
  18. :dawg: :mj:
  19. Join us or die.
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