To fight? Or not to fight?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Okay tomorrow I know for a fact that I will be getting a suspension for wagging last term, what I'm wanting to know is if I should fight these 2 guys that catch my bus as well and add maybe another week or 2 to the suspension?

    Basically what they do is make fun of this little girl in year 7, pick on her etc on the bus and basically say whatever they want to other people and not be worried about getting hit cause I'll be 100% honest everyone on my bus is a pussy. They never did anything to me until recently which has really started to piss me off. They know I'm trying not to get in trouble at school cause I wanna finish year 9 so they've just been giving me shit, telling me I've got no future, that I'm an idiot, I'll never have a job, how they're better then me, how I'm a dickhead, a faggot and just a load of other shit and for the simple fact they KNOW I'm not gonna hit them.

    Well I see it this way now, If I'm getting suspended why not add a few more weeks to it to put these fuckwits in their place? Teach them a lesson and to teach them to shut their mouths.

    What I'm planning on doing if I actually fight them is grab one of my mates with me who's a fucking huge mother fucker and go up and offer them both out at the same time cause I'll be honest, I know I could take both these guys at the same time, ones maybe 10 - 20 cm shorter then me and just talks shit cause he know's nobody will hit him and the others maybe 10cm taller then me but I'm not to worried about him either cause he seems like a girl. Anyway I'll fight both of them at once and if anyone other then those 2 hit me my friends gonna jump in for me and if they get it over me he'll jump in for me as well to even it out but I think I can take both these guys myself.

    Anyway I wanna know your opinion. Do you think it's worth it?

    TLDR; Basically I fucked your mother and now you have a little brother or sister coming.
  2. Beat their asses.
  3. Tell them if you speak even the rudimentary form of the English language than you will understand this. Leave me alone..... I'm a calm and free thinking individual who chooses not to engage in any conversation anymore with you idiots.
  4. I'm sure most of your posts are about fighting. If you NEED to, then you have no other choice. If you can avoid it, then just avoid it.
  5. I'm sorry but you sound like what they tell you you are.
    Just shut up and ignore them.
  6. Got any idea of what name you will be going for?
  7. Just saw that, made me lol.
  8. If it's a boy Ima call him Adolf and if it's a girl I think we'll get an abortion...I've always wanted a boy :sad:

    And guys I admit I'm not the smartest guy but I don't see why I should take someones shit for it? I've found most of the time the moment you fight them it all stops. Win or lose it stops and you both gain respect for each other.
  9. You have much to learn young one. Fighting is not the answer to any problem. If you just go about your business and study real hard someday you can prove to yourself how smart you are. Reach your potential because you have nothing to prove to bullies.
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  10. Exactly. Liked and repped. :obama:
  11. This. :win:
  12. inb4Willgetshisassbeat. I suggest you take tips from that bus driver and go for a mean uppercut
  13. I know how to fight...I've been in plenty of fights and the only one I've lost in the last 3 years is one against a 16 year old and I was probably 13 when that happened.
  14. Somehow I doubt that.
  15. People ITT are just mad that William would kick their ass. Don't listen to these nerds bro. Sometimes you just have to beat some ass.
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  16. This is what's going to happen dude, The Rock = bullies Hogan = Will
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