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  2. I'm still mad I didn't watch this -_- . It was on Sky and everything :cry:
  3. Was amazing from a Manchester United fans point of view.

    First five minutes we started pretty slow, but then Scholes thought "Fuck this I'm better than Xavi" and controlled the whole game. Rooney/Giggs & Welback were linking like a Christian colt, and Valencia was tearing the left back apart. Sounds bias maybe but the commentators were saying the same.

    Suarez was really disrespectful throughout the game which is why my thread exists. Before the game, shaking hands, Evra puts his hand out to shake with Suarez to put a line over it, Suarez ignores it and goes to Shake Rio's hand who like a baws ignores Suarez. He booted the ball away twice into the crowd, lost the ball every time he touched it, was hilarious. He got a goal at the end due to a big Rio mistake which made the ending nervous, but overall they had 2 shots on target. The shot at 3 minutes in and the shot at the end (might of been another one in stoppage time can't remember).

    Soon as we won, Evra basically did a lap around the pitch and towards the end circled Suarez doing that lmao. Was so funny, crowd were going crazy.
  4. That does sound epic actually. It's a shame Suarez is such a dick, as he's a great player. It's good to see Evra being the bigger man also,things like that make me remember why I love football in the money grabbing age.
  5. Agreed. It basically portrayed Evra being mature in recent weeks keeping his mouth shut, no interviews, not saying a word to the media about it - coming under serious abuse at Anfield and then celebrating like a legend when we beat them at OT.

    To be honest this whole ordeal hasn't projected much positive media for Liverpool. Dalglish backing him by having his team wear Suarez shirts was embarrassing, then when he's found guilty (obviously agreed else he'd of appealed) he then still goes on to say the ban should never happen.

    Anyway, today was a great viewing for football in a whole. Instead of the Madrid/Barca derby where everyone dives for free-kicks and cards, there was only 2 cards today but it was a serious derby match with great football.
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  7. Ferdy is a boss srsly.
  8. Someone needs to edit it with Rio troll-facing. Suarez got left hanging. Evra yanked his arm. Such legends.
  9. UK is nothing compared to US. :mad:

  10. Rio stroked himself there, anyone else see that?

  11. Meh, football. I'm just not into it anymore. It's pretty damn boring. But still, I'm a huge Real Madrid and Juve fan.
  12. I'm quite a big Real fan too tbh. I'm a Jose fan boy.
  13. FC Bayern 2012 Champions League winners.
  14. No way. I had you as dark horses but your Bundisliga form recently has slipped. Real Madrid or Barca this year.
  15. Yeah, I love Mourinho too. Hopefully Real wins the damn CL finally, with Jose runnin' things.
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  16. He's won it with Porto, Inter and is favourite with Real Madrid. Pretty impressive.
  17. Yeah, love him or hate him, Jose is the fucking BOSS.
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  18. Real Madrid vs Barcelona?

  19. Lol the only matches that have been played bad are long gone my friend. Since Robben is on the bench, Bayern have been playing much much better.
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