To recycle gimmicks - What gimmicks would you like to see back?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Random gimmick wrestler shot, Oh Tugboat.

    Gimmicks are recycled in some way, shape or form from time to time in wrestling. As in most entertainment businesses almost everything has been done before. The key factor is to put your own individual twist on the gimmick to make it yours. WWE has seen a couple of gimmicks reused over the years. Umaga was in a sense a recycling of his uncles gimmick from their wild Samoans days. Other examples are wen Ted Dibiase Jr ran with his dads gimmick for a while (even if that in a sense can be considered a sequel) and Damian Sandow reminds people partially of Bob Backlund and Hunter Herts Helmsley.

    What gimmicks from the WWE of old would you like to see return in some shape or form?

    Can you pick a wrestler from the current roster to play it?

    Would you introduce a new gimmick if you had the opportunity and what would it be?

    Personally I would love to see Sean O'Haire's devil's advocate/Antichrist gimmick get another shot since it showed so much potential but was never given a chance on the main roster (with O'Hair being fed to Hogan in his debut). I have a problem placing it on a current roster member though but if I could dig down to NXT I think Judas Devlin fulfills the physical look, but I would have to hear him talk first.

    Your thoughts?
  2. The legend killer on Ambrose .
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  3. The Charismatic Enigma on CM Punk
  4. :yes:

    What was the name of that really white priest guy? His gimmick looked awesome but I'm pretty sure he just sucked lol.
  5. Mordecai or something like that I think.
  6. That's it! Yeah it seemed pretty wacky but could have been entertaining had it been done by someone talented. IIRC it wasn't actually supernatural - cause IMO those kinda of gimmicks are passed their sell by date - it was just weird as fuck.
  7. [video=youtube][/video]

    Put this on Cena. Epic lulz.
  8. Ambrose as the legend killer wouldn't really fit IMO, Legend Killer is arrogant whilst Ambrose is pcychotic. The legends feuds would be cool but it's recycling a moniker and story rather than the gimmick.
  9. That's certainly what I was meaning. No way would I want Ambrose to lose the joker gimmick.
  10. I've always seen Sandow as more like The Genius than anyone, even though The Genius didn't wrestle often at all.

    Maybe they could try out an evil clown again. Ok, I'm not totally serious, but imagine it was more like the clown from the movie It, and less a joker like Doink was.

    I'd love for Rick Rude to be reincarnated in some way. I'm talking the whole act, with him showing off his body or going out and hitting on women in the audience. Lex Luger's Narcissist gimmick could fit in here as well, posing in front of mirrors and stuff.
  11. I wrestled quite a bit thank you.... Then I saw too much potential in MR Perfect to not but my eggs in that basket!

    Personally I kinda like the Bray Wyatt rendition of Waylon Mercy.

    It's finally being done right!
  12. I'd dig Danielson in a man of a 1000 holds gimmick, Malenko style.
  13. Slater should in my opinion adopt more traits from Michael PS Hayes and Jeff Jarrett, especially the guitar as a weapon.

    He should then be pushed to US/IC title contention since he works such a good comedy/mid card heel.
  14. Slater should steal Honkey Tonk Man's gimmick.
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  15. :obama: have him bust out Santino's honkatonk meter and I'd actually dig it.
  16. Is it wrong that I would like to see Heath nick the IC or US title and go on a Honky Tonk man style reign? cheating to win and so forth.

    I like Heath, he is a talented and hard working guy and a good comedic and mid card heel so I see no reason why he shouldn't be used like one.
  17. Been saying this for a while, he's a natural annoying fuck.
  18. Nah, Crayo and I were saying this a year ago. He is made to be an incredibly over mid car heel champion.
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