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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Liquid7778, Dec 24, 2013.

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  1. Solidus I am the creator of Chemist45 and Chemist498. I forgot the password to 498 and can't use 45 anymore. You can delete them if you wish, do anything you want with them. I can just use this account. Sorry for all the trouble bromigo. Anyways, I'm a huge fan of Breaking Bad, Metal Gear Solid, Arrow, Dexter, AHS, I'm here to stay and just talk about wrasslin.
  2. You like the Home Warranty Company, AHS?
  4. I fucked that up pretty bad
  5. I don't know if you know how to use quotes right.....
  6. Fuck my lack of XP when it come to forums.
  7. Wait a minute.... :hmm:



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  8. Do you know JwabTV?
  9. You like S1 or S2 of AHS more? Most people say S1, but for me S2 was dank
  10. S1 was great until the end. S2 was > and Season 3 has been just stellar.

    Welcome to the forums...ahh again?
  11. HOw far in is S3? didn't even think about it until now. its about witches right?
  12. like 9 episodes, and it's not back on until 2nd week of jan. Yeah its coven, Kathy Bates is in it as well and the entire story and build has been creepy and just stellar writing puts it all together.
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  13. I'd have to say S1, S2 was great, but not as good. S3 has been superb so far.
  14. The ending from season 1 killed it for me, those last two episodes i was just like :dafuq: ? 1-9 were just amazing episodes. Quinto made season 2 for me.
  15. Yeah the finale to season 1 was pretty mehh. Quinto was pretty great in Season 2 though, I just felt like S2 dragged on.
  16. Yes, I do know Jwab, me and him are good friends IRL.
  17. idk I thought S2 did a better job of staying fresh than S1 personally in a lot of ways
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  18. Season 1 was pretty one dimensional, and the story didnt sway from the main plot, while season 2 did a great job having multiple factors playing into everything. Season 3 is more focused on the main plot, but there are multiple groups all at war, and the historical value of their storytelling is just awesome. TPB is your friend Figger.
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