To you, the guests!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by the_hoff, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Yeah, The Hoff's talking to you forum lurkers, you "people" who creep in on us. Why don't ya sign the hell up already?? Whenever The Hoff's online, he notices there's at least almost double the amount of guests than there are actual members online. What's stoppin' you all from signing up? You guys are inadvertently hassling the Hoff. Not a wise choice my peeper friends. :jericho:
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  2. Clearly this doesn't bother anyone else around these parts? Seems as though The Hoff needs to take the reigns and take care of this himself. So with that being said, hey you, guests! The Hoff's callin you all out. C'mon. Let's do this. Do it to it. :finger::booker:
  3. I agree. :finger::finger: you guest.
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  4. C'mon, quit creepin' in the shadows you stupid STUPID hicks. :finger::finger::finger:
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  5. Eh, guests don't bother me much. They're just not as cool as the rest of us obviously.
  6. Journal Entry #8
    November 15th, 2013

    the_hoff's 8th day on the forum, he's still ridiculously unfunny and a fail gimmick. Will report back with more information tomorrow.
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  7. Some of you just don't fucking get it..The Hoff is serious 24/7. It's ignorant inbred hicks like you who are trying to keep The Hoff down. Hoff hater. :finger: Ask your momma how her sweet, sweet ass is doing after The Hoff was done with it.
  8. Sounds like "Captain's Log"
  9. Faggot's log
  10. Those usually get pushed back in :awyeah:
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  11. :terry::awyeah::lol1: Ooohhhhhhhhh burnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  12. Such a damn boss.
  13. Hoff = the sex.
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  14. :true: Damn right The Hoff is
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  15. y dont u be more original u cheeky monkey
  16. Quit trying to get a rub from The Hoff. Just, just get out of my sight. :finger:
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  17. listen here u lil sht imma kill ur entire family u watch out
  18. What's up Oj Simpson.
  19. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA there kid. Don't you ever, EVER threaten The Hoff you little prick. I will fuck your life up, do you hear me?! You clearly have no idea what I am capable of. Here, have another one of these. :finger: Or a few more..:finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
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  20. That kid gives OJ a bad name
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