Toast to Aids!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Aids, you are the greatest user on this forum... well, next to D'Z anyways. :emoji_hushed:o

  2. and were off to the races the goal is having ur head the farthest up aids' ass
  3. Did I win yet?
  4. :hmm: Not sure if dick riding or just a normal congratulations.
  5. I approve of this thread. Now can I have my dick back?
  6. Ironic how you chose a smilie with its mouth wide open, Aids and D'Z are decent forum people but what's with all the dong slurping this month? They are aren't even the best in their own little group imo, Rain and Wacko are above them both.
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  7. :true: words here
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  8. You'd be quite content to bend over and take it from Dolph's and Aids until your arse was reminiscent of a Japanese flag.
  9. Becoming too gimmicky now, you used to be epic but now you're annoying me to an extent. Just an IMO.
  10. 5 more minutes.


    :lol1: insert random hate on rating users. I think we are all the best members of the whole forum, so whoever is the best in our group is irrelevant.
  11. :yes:
  12. :pity:
  13. You're up there, no one can deny that. Wacko, Rain, D'Z and Farooq are shoo ins, you when you don't play your little character are a winner, Grammar Nazi and Testify are also enjoyable. The problem isn't the people it's the fact you all alter your posting styles to follow "the aids mold" and it really confused me, why not just be yourself?

    Apologizes in advance if this seems that I'm hating on your or the other members it isn't intended to be so, from my conversations with you all albeit brief in most cases you seem like a pretty cool group, just when you play up these false persona's my annoyance occurs. Of course if it makes you happy ignore me as I'm just probably sounding like a complaining idiot.
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  14. Why is NWO the most scrutinized group on the board? I don't ever see anyone sitting around debating who is dope in team Blow off or Pipebum.

    ATTN: World: off our dicks plz
  15. Im glad im not the only one who sees and is annoyed by the constant ass kissing
  16. Don't be jelly you can't have any of this ass salad
  17. [​IMG]
  18. No, I never got a turn... Your dick was too busy with Rosie and her 4 sisters.
  19. Honestly, a few of your members are portraying characters which offer stark contrast to their previous actions since joining and I'm just curious why.

    It's not a case of being on anyone's dick more a case of curiosity capturing the cat.
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