Today is Barbie Blank's 27th birthday woohoo

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Today 15th January is Barbie Blank's 27th birthday woohoo :emoji_grin: :yes:Happy birthday to her she looks so hot for 27 and has so much more to achieve. Please tweet her happy birthday @TheBarbieBlank

    Please dont close this thread mods
  2. >Today is Martin Luther King's Birthday
    >Talks about Kelly Kelly

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  3. Looks hot for 27? Jeez it aint like she's over the hill really!
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  4. Really, no one cares, not even status worthy.
  5. Thread closed in 3..2..1..
  6. please close this thread
  7. 0...... -1.......-2........-3
  8. Yeah, really! Since when does 27 mean you're old? Sheesh, we better get our rocking chairs and preparation H ready now.

    Anyway on the off chance that she's looking, happy birthday and shit.
  9. It's a great day for birthdays. KK, MLK, a bearded genius. A great day indeed.
  10. If 27 is old I'll just ship myself off into the retirement home now.
  11. Join me, my son.
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  12. Almost tagged you in that post lol.
  13. Happy Birthday, Whore!
  14. :stfu::pipebomb:
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  15. You think shes gonna suck 27 dicks today? Or just fuck 27 dudes in honor of it?

    That bitch is a slut.
  16. Happy birthday to her.
  17. What an epic fail this was.
  18. Thank you!
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  19. I know right :sad:
  20. In tribute to BLFFL's first thread after being banned I give you.

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