Today's BPL Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Since we have a prediction contest, why not discuss it? Everton has started brightly against City; very physical game thus far.
  2. Wow Everton scored but it was ruled out for offside when it wasn't. Damn City luck.
  3. Osman just scored one of the goals of the season

    1-0 Everton
  4. City don't even look like scoring. Thoroughly impressed by Everton.
  5. I know they've been great expect city to fight back though
  6. Second half will be better from City, because they'll ditch this 3 at the back system Mancini likes to play. It opens up so much space for the fullbacks to go forward for the opponents, and Everton have some very good offensive fullbacks (Coleman and Baines). Yaya Toure isn't here because of a migraine though, and City are a 60% less fearful team without him. He really is their best player imo. They look poor in the center midfield.
  7. Thought he was tougher than that lol and yes id say hes there best player but when silvas at his best he edges it not as consistant though
  8. Haha migraines are hell, but I can't imagine big Yaya Toure saying "Mr Mancini, I can't play, I have a migraine :emoji_slight_frown:" lmao.
  9. Haha id expect it from tevez or nasri but not him
  10. Pienaar sent off! Rash challenge, not sure if a red though. But it was a bad challenge. This makes things different.
  11. One of the most bias referee performances I've seen in a BPL game in months. It's so weird.
  12. This has been one of the best games of the season. Everton have been absolutely fantastic.
  13. EVERTON SCORE AGAIN. Great goal. Everton win <333333
  14. This has been hands down the greatest atmosphere in the BPL this season.
  15. score update in bpl contest

    Solidus 2
    Cole miner 1
  16. I was close to being right. Man City had a penalty but it wasn't given. Fellaini hand-balled it so far into the box but the ref gave the free-kick > Would have been 1-1 with 10 men in the last ten minutes. Never been so glad to be wrong though. United can go 15 points clear today.
  17. I had 1-1 aswell correct me if im wrong but does that result mean there the only team to beat both manchester clubs at home
  18. I won. :walter:
    And my Sunderland prediction is a guaranteed 2 points in the bag for the Cole Train!
  19. I think my Sunderland prediction will secure me the win today.
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