News Todd Kenely let go

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Shame. He was a good announcer and actually helped streamline the product and move it along, since Tenay and Taz tend to get stuck in nonsensical blabber. At least the door is open for him to return but still a shame he had to be let go in the first place.

  2. More Taz babay!

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  3. Taz was right about himself - he is bulletproof! #FTW13
  4. Not fo' nuthin' but Kenely is just anotha' victum!
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  5. Now seriously, this heel Taz is a maniac and I like to listen to him.

    But him and Tenay alone? Again? Fuck off TNA, and fuck yourselves. Vomit.
  6. I have a feeling that the announcing is going to end up as a train wreck which will lead to Kenely being brought back. Tenay just doesn't have it to be a play by play man anymore and Taz will get stuck in his normal ramblings going nowhere. How long it will take for kenely to be brought back I dunno but I think he will be brought back eventually.
    Or Crimson as the new play by play guy to piss off the fans.
  7. #TNALogic
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  8. Headdesk.

    As a wise man once said: "Stupid! Fucking stupid!"
  9. Just me that won't miss him I guess. commentary is bad with him or without him in my eyes.
  10. They need more not less commentators.
  11. Kinda true, because as good as he is, there's those 2 who suck, so he drowns in them. +1 - 2 = -1

  12. It's usually like:

    Taz: says something dumb
    Tenay: Your a jerk face
    Kenely: Tries to say something relevant to the match
    Tenay: Aces & Eights
    Taz: hahaha, something dumb
    Tenay: gets butt hurt
    Kenely: makes a good point about what they were arguing about while tying it in to what is happening in the match
    Taz: omg stop ganging up on me what did I ever do

    or some other unbearable banter
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  13. Sounds like an average skype chat with Crayo and Xanth.

    Anyway does anyone not mute Total Nonstop Fail's commentary? If you aren't doing it you're a jackoff.

  14. I hate not hearing crowd reactions though. Watching wrestling without sound is lame. I wish I could literally just mute the commentary but having no sound doesn't work for me.

  15. With how shit TNA's crowds at times it helps, Storm vs Roode at Lockdown was a lot better than it seemed with the deadness for example. I love reactions too but the commentary just kills my interest unless the crowd is madly hot, the first impact on the road being an example of when it was outdoing commentary.

  16. That is an extreme example. Yea that LD crowd was disgusting but since they've been on the road this time around I can't think of a crowd nearly that bad. They have had a string of nice PPV crowds since that LD crowd as well being on the road.

  17. Honestly the crowd last night was meh IMO, they're not as bad as that terrible but good enough to warrant Taz and his ass warts :nope:

  18. Not sure your opinion on TNA crowds holds much water anyhow since you apparently watch on mute more often than not.

  19. When the crowds are poor, you can judge from an audience's body language whether they're active or not. Ignore the first row due to them standing a lot of the time unless they look active then check it out, also listen to part's of the show. I listened to AJ's entrance and they didn't pop or nothing for him, it was like ADR had walked into the room. My opinion on anything holds more water than a river bed.
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