Kayfabe Todd McKay before his Viewers Choice match

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*Todd steps out of The Syndicate's locker room and begins to walk towards the entrance area so that he can make his entrance. Todd bumps into referee Shawn Burton and the two begin to exchange words*

Shawn Burton: Todd! If I was you I'd just not go out there 'cause most the other refs just really don't like you and the rest of The Syndicate.

Todd McKay: Yeah? Well honestly *Todd looks at the ref's name tag* Shawn. I couldn't give a damn. So how about you just move along and continue getting paid minimum wage... Oh and Shawn. Try not to poison the area around any other champions. Well, maybe except for that scumbag Luis Alvarado.

*Todd walks off towards the entrance area before being bombarded by a cameraman following Victoria Bishop*

Victoria Bishop: So, Mr. McKay is it? You're about to go into one of the most dangerous matches known to man. Tell me. How do you feel about your chances of walking out of this match champion and how you feel about your chances of walking out of this match intact?

Todd McKay: Vicky, Vicky, Vicky. Shut up and let the champion speak his words... Thanks. Firstly, about walking out of this match intact. who am I? Freaking Emerson Zayne? Now I'm going to walk out of this match with this here belt *Todd points to the Championship around his waste* and if anyone's going to be injured it's that goofball Chris Young. He'll probably attempt some jump off the ladder to try and look cooler than everyone. I'll move and climb the ladder. He'll look even dumber than when the match begins and I'll still be your Intercontinental Champion... Now run along Vicky, I'm sure the women want to say some mean things about each other.

Victoria Bishop: Screw you asshole!

*Todd walks away and makes his way to the entrance area. He walks past the people sat down doing the tech stuff and makes his way onto the ramp as his music plays*
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