TOKYO, USA and the UK all within 10 days for the champ

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  1. Lethal
    For years, Jay Lethal has been building his reputation as one of the absolute best professional wrestlers in the world, not just today but of all time. And he cemented that claim at BEST IN THE WORLD 2015 when he finally achieved his ultimate goal of winning the ROH World Championship! Lethal had longed claimed to be the only "real" champion in wrestling and the greatest "First Generation Wrestler." Despite his arrogance, Lethal's boasts were well-founded. He has risen through the ranks of professional wrestling through his own hard work and dedication and, though not always humble about it, he represents Ring of Honor as the ultimate champion.

    The ROH World Championship became a true "world" championship on March of 2003 when Samoa Joe defended it in England against The Zebra Kid. Since then, the title has been defended around the planet, making it was globally elite championship coveted by athletes in all over the world! Jay Lethal himself has made it his mission to defend his championship against the top professional wrestlers, everyone and everywhere.

    Jay Lethal has started 2016 making good on his promise! Within just 10 days, he'll have defended the ROH World Championship in Japan AND in England! As part of NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom 10, Lethal defended the title against a familiar foe in Michael Elgin. This was the first time he defended the championship on international soil, but it will be far from the last. Now Lethal is less than a week away from a four-day series of events in England that will take him to four different cities!

    As part of a three-day tour with 5 Star Wrestling, Jay Lethal can be seen in Newcastle on Wednesday, January 13th at the Newcastle Metro Arena. The following night, Thursday, January 14th, you'll find Lethal in Sheffield at the Sheffield Arena. And as the final stop with 5 Star Wrestling, head to Liverpool on Friday, January 15th at the Liverpool Echo Arena. For more details on all of these massive events, head over to

    On Saturday, January 17th, the city of London gets a Lethal Injection! Jay Lethal will be there for REVOLUTION PRO, defending the ROH World Championship against a major standout in the British professional wrestling scene, Mark Haskins. This is a massive opportunity for Haskins. Not only is the World Championship on the line, which would immediately make him THE major player in ROH, but this match will have eyes on it from around the world! For more information on Revolution Pro, check out their official website at

    With multiple international championship defenses in less than two weeks time, Jay Lethal is showing the entire planet that he truly is a WORLD Champion. There's no telling where and against whom he'll defend his title next. But one thing is for sure: Jay Lethal is starting 2016 as your ROH World Champion and he intends to stay on top of the world for a very long time!

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