Tom Arnold Makes a “Hit & Run” on Raw

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  1. Tom Arnold Makes a “Hit & Run” on Raw


    Fresh off his Comedy Central roast of his ex-wife Roseanne Barr, which airs Aug. 12, actor-comedian Tom Arnold took to Tout and Twitter during this week’s Monday Night Raw to fire a few zingers WWE’s way.

    And between the one-liners, the trash-talking funnyman even managed to impart some valuable relationship advice.

    “Rule No. 1 about women,” Arnold advised, offering a tip aimed squarely at Alberto Del Rio, “They hate it when you call them ‘crazy’ … especially when they are crazy.”

    The veteran actor/humorist – who co-starred that other Arnold guy [former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger] in the 1994 action hit "True Lies" – will next appear onscreen in Open Roads Films’ "Hit & Run" on Aug. 22.

    What other words of wisdom did he offer to the WWE Universe? Follow @tomarnold on Twitter or check him out on Tout at as to find out what happened when Tom Arnold went Raw.

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