Tom Phillips Fears Stephanie

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  1. I'd be turned on a bit at least I think
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  2. Water is wet.
  3. What the fuck

    Stephanie, stop hitting your male employees so hard when they can't even fight back and there will never ever be any repercussions!

    *hopes for Becky Lynch to rek your ass*
  4. Another one of the injury list!

  5. the days when men took charge.
  6. It would be hilarious if WWE turned this into a story angle. Stephanie gets suspended for X amount of time for assaulting a non wrestling employee.
  7. They're not gonna have Steph - the CREATOR of ALL women get suspended, brother.
  8. I know. It would still be a nice creative plot twist though. Brock got "suspended" for assaulting Michael Cole and the camera guy, and it was by Stephanie too!
  9. Stephanie being suspended because her hatred for Roman made her emotions get the better of her would actually be an interesting plot device. Reigns could even be the one to instigate it by showing footage to the police of her attacking Tom Phillips, which leads to her being arrested for needlessly assaulting one of her own employees. They could even follow this up by having it be the main reason HHH re-appears the following week and finds some type of reason to have Roman escorted out of the building in handcuffs as well... Only for him to return at the end of the night and superman punch HHH (or Sheamus and the entire League of Nations as Hunter watches on in ire) while still wearing the broken handcuffs around each wrist, ala Goldberg at No Way Out 2004.
  10. Because she's my daughter and a McMahon, dammit! :Mugshot:
  11. I still giggle and die a little inside every time I see the mugshot smiley.
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