Tom Rinaldi JaMarcus piece

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  1. Good piece. I harbor no ill will against Russell, unlike most Raiders fans. I honestly hope he can come back and at least land on a roster and make a career in the NFL, even as a backup or something.
  2. Never liked him, never will like him. What was supposed to be a new beginning turned into a mess. Figures we get a 1st overall pick in a year with no real franchise QBs. I was clamoring for them to take Peterson. How different would they look now with him in silver and black.
  3. Did you watch the video?

    and are you a Raiders fan?
  4. Can't watch vid cause I'm at work. Yes I am a Raiders fan, we've discussed it before :sad:
  5. lmao, damn, really? my bad.

    Watch the vid and get back to me. Blaming JaMarcus for our problems isn't my thing. I'm not here to defend him but we would have sucked whether we drafted he, Calvin or Peterson that year. The franchise was rotten to the core, one shiny skilled position player wouldn't have changed that. We are rebuilding the right way now
  6. From my experience once a team gets a great player they're more apt to rebuild faster. I'm a man of no more patience, I'm a fan of the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, and Raiders. I'm just so sick of shit teams that I can't stand any more slow ass rebuilds.
  7. Watched the purple drank interview this morning. Dude actually almost had me convinced he knew how to play football.
  8. We've never had a rebuild. Al Davis didn't believe in it. He always just tried to 'reload' and build teams the wrong way. One player wouldn't have changed anything for us. Things are now moving in the right direction with a real GM who wants to build the team properly. I'm not sure how much I trust McKenzie, but it is at least a step towards becoming a real modern franchise.

    If he dedicates himself to the game and staying in shape there is no reason he can't become a good quarterback. He is as physically gifted as any QB I've seen.
  9. I understand your point but Peterson could have turned things around quicker. We still would've been pretty bad his rookie year. So in '08 we could have easily drafted Flacco, someone else in '09 and by 2010 with a few signings and trades we would have been in Super Bowl territory.
  10. Davis basically drafted any guy that could run a 4.3
  11. I mean, any team could if and but there way to a super bowl with revisionist history. I'm not sweating it.

    Russell was a bad pick, and he had poor work ethic and didn't help matters.. but things were not his fault. I love Al Davis and admire the hell out of him but he had lost touch with how to run a modern day NFL team late in his life.
  12. He didn't do himself any favors by being a fat ass. I don't feel bad for him at all, besides the fact he lost someone close. That part made me feel bad.
  13. I don't feel terrible for him, but I have some sympathy for what he went through. I hope he lands on a roster somewhere for next season