Tommaso Ciampa Attacks Official & is Fired

Discussion in 'ROH Feed' started by ROHNEWS, Apr 7, 2015.

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    Tommaso Ciampa has been fired from Ring of Honor for brutally attacking ROH Senior official Todd Sinclair this past Saturday night in San Antonio, Texas.

    Ciampa had previously been indefinitely suspended for attacking the ROH ring crew and Ring Announcer Bobby Cruise last August. After negotiations with ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness, Ciampa was given a second chance this past November to prove he was reformed. McGuinness informed him that he would be allowed back into Ring of Honor with the understanding that there would be a zero tolerance for any contact with ROH officials or employees.

    Ciampa appeared to have his temper under control and had even recently earned a shot at the ROH World Championship on our 13th Anniversary Pay Per View just last month. This past Saturday night Ciampa once again attacked an official which left Nigel with no other alternative but to fire him.

    We at Ring of Honor refuse to condone such actions and will work to our utmost capabilities to ensure the safety of our superstars, officials and staff. ROH executives are currently reviewing the footage to determine whether Ciampa's actions can air on Ring of Honor Television. Please stay turned for the latest update and announcements regarding this reprehensible situation.

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